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Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels by inventing your own sweet!

This year Swizzels celebrate 90 years of making sweets and they’ve just launched an amazing competition where you can win a tour of their sweet factory. All you need to do to win is come up with an idea for a new sweet, submit it to their website and you could win a VIP tour of the factory and get to see your sweet in production.

To me, this sounds like the best prize ever. I’ve driven past the factory so many times and the thought of having a Willy Wonka style tour of it has always been exciting. The Swizzels factory was also featured in the BBC series – Inside the Factory, which was a really fascinating watch. Did you know that the factory produces over a hundred million individual sweets each day?

Celebrate 90 years of Swizzels by inventing your own sweet!

Swizzels make so many legendary sweets; Parma Violets, Drumstick Lollies, Refreshers, Double Dips, Rainbow Drops and Love Hearts. They’re sweets I ate as a little girl (I still eat them now) and now my son loves them too.

If you asked me to invent my own Swizzels sweet I’d have absolutely no hesitation in telling you what I’d like. It’s a combination of two of their greatest sweets – Parma Violets and Double Dips. Imagine this, a violet flavoured lolly you could dip into zingy violet flavoured sherbet. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? It’s making my mouth water just thinking about it.

So consider this my begging letter to Swizzels. You know a Parma Violet Double Dip is the future, please, please make it so!

Perhaps Parma Violets aren’t your thing; maybe you think you can come up with a better idea than mine. Get your thinking cap on and get entering. You do need to be aged 16+ plus to enter, but you can find all the information you need here.

Make sure you have a good think about it before you submit your idea. Do you lick it, chew it, suck it or savour it? Is it fizzy, fruity, sour or creamy; or it soft and squashy or hard and crunchy? Is it a lolly, a chew bar, a gum or a jelly? What does it look like? You can even draw a design and upload that to the website.

Good luck with your entry, I’m looking forward to seeing what the winner comes up with, though I’m certain my Parma Violet Double Dip cannot be beaten!

Disclaimer: I was sent a box of Swizzels goodies in exchange for this post.