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I don’t normally do New Year Resolutions because they’re just empty promises you make to yourself that you usually break by day 3. All this New Year-New Me stuff is a nonsense and a massive waste of time and energy.

I have however been persuaded this New Year to make just one resolution. It deeply rankles to have to formally make an empty promise to myself, but I made a real promise to a good friend that I’d embrace the New Year-New Me claptrap. So here goes.

In 2014 I resolve to become fitter and healthier in body and mind.

There we go. That’s my sincere promise to myself. After my spinal surgeries I did a tonne of rehab and as 2013 drew to a close I was swimming twice a week, going to Pilates once a week and walking whenever and wherever I could. Ideally I’d like to continue with that and maybe do more as I get fitter and more able.

And now because of the curse of the New Year Resolution I can virtually guarantee all of that will have stopped by the weekend. Dammit.


Will you be making an empty promise to yourself this New Year? Do share.