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A Love Letter

After the noise and chaos of a busy day, when darkness falls, I like to sit outside for 10 minutes and look at the sky. The night is silent bar the hooting of an owl and the distant rumble of suburban traffic. If I’m lucky the night is clear and the stars shine brightly.

There is a bright star in the sky, the brightest I can see nestled amongst the constellations, and the stars that shine not quite so brightly. I look at the star and I’m reminded of you, the brightest star in my night sky. Twinkling in my own personal darkness. You are what gets me through, you are the one I love and trust above all others. You are my brightest star.

Like the star I know you will always be there, shining in the darkness. A light to guide my way. I know even when the clouds gather and I can’t see the star that it, like you, is always there and always will be.

You are my light in my darkness. You are the brightest star in my night sky. You are you and you twinkle and shine. Always.

love letter