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My 15 Minutes of Fame (that never was)

I’ve had quite a lot of “tell me more” type comments in response to my #SilentSunday picture this week, so I’ve decided to write a proper explanation of what it was all about.

Withington Baths NW Tonight Interview

Me being interviewed for BBC NorthWest Tonight

Last week I wrote this about me starting swimming again at my local pool, Withington Baths. My post was shared around my local community and picked up a pretty decent amount of hits (thanks guys). The good people at LoveWithyBaths shared it, loved it; and when the BBC wanted to do a piece about the consultation regarding the community taking over the running of the leisure centre, they gave me a call and asked if I’d be interviewed for the telly.

On Saturday just gone, I went to Withington Leisure Centre and met with Sian and Paul from LoveWithyBaths and BBC North West tonight presenter, Naomi Cornwell and her lovely cameraman Andrew to be interviewed for that nights bulletin.

I was horribly nervous and probably made a right monkey of myself. They interviewed Sian by the pool. Then me outside the pool and Paul outside the dance studio. It was a brilliant, if nerve racking experience. I am not a natural in front of the camera, that’s for sure!

In the event my interview wasn’t included, neither was Paul’s. But Sian’s interview was centre stage and she got all the relevant points across.

So my 15 minutes of fame ended up on the cutting room floor and I’m left to continue my life in relative obscurity. Though autographs are still available upon request.

Withington Leisure Centre

Withington Baths is currently under threat of closure due to funding cuts. If you, like me would like to see South Manchester keep this excellent facility, please show your support here.