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Natural Skincare at Healthy Spirit

I hold my hands up, you got me. I ain’t no beauty blogger baby… but I do have skin which at least qualifies me to have an opinion about the stuff I put on it.

I have a simple skincare routine, largely because I’m lazy and I have really sensitive skin, so I’m careful about what I use. Even products made and marketed for sensitive types can bring me right out, so I’m always cautious, but like any woman, I’m always searching for that miracle youth giving, beautifying product.

I went along to a Natural Skincare class held at Healthy Spirit in Didsbury. I was already familiar with the shop as I’ve been a customer since they opened 10 years ago. They’re a lovely, friendly, knowledgeable bunch at Healthy Spirit and they’re always happy to help.

The Natural Skincare class was run by Anne Conway who is a qualified Herbalist and Aromatherapist. We sat in their new Hub Vegetarian Cafe and drank a selection of their herbal teas. The cafe looks good, with some really interesting veggie and vegan food on their menu.

Anne took us through a vast array of facts about our skin as well as a run-down about the chemicals in most modern skincare products, but to surmise; parabens – bad, very bad, avoid if at all possible; sodium lauryl sulphites – bad, try and avoid but they’re not the absolute worst thing and lastly, mineral oils – no evidence that they are terribly good, or terribly bad, but if you wouldn’t drink it why would you rub it on your skin? Fair point.

Healthy Spirit Didsbury

We then met nutritionist Barbara, who recommended drinking plenty of spring water; and depending on your skin requirements, cutting out dairy and meat as well as processed foods and drinking more smoothies, especially green smoothies.

Anne then turned her attention to a table of goodies for us to try, the table was heaving with lotions and potions from natural brands such as Weleda and Faith in Nature. I had a dabble with a few of the creams. I liked the Weleda cleanser which took my make-up off beautifully and left my skin feeling quite lovely. I also liked the Weleda Skin Food which I used on some scars. I confess I already am a Weleda fan.

Anne is setting up a proper natural skincare class in the next few months, I just went to a little taster. A lot of fun was had, I learned lots of new things about looking after myself and my skin, a lot of which I’ve already started putting into practice.

Anne aims to give you more information, allowing you to make informed choices and make changes to what you do and what you use as you feel necessary. She’s really clear that you don’t have to make dramatic, unsustainable changes, just making a small change can have a big impact on you, your health and your skin.

Healthy Spirit Didsbury

Disclaimer: I was invited along to a blogger event at Healthy Spirit to learn more about what they do and of course natural skincare. I have not been financially compensated for this post.

You can find out more about Healthy Spirit, their Cafe and the holistic therapies, treatments and courses they run on their website and Twitter and Facebook pages.