Word of the Week 28/3/14

My Word of the Week this week is “Possibilities”. I feel at last I’m on the cusp of something different and special in my life.

My personal life seems generally positive. One of my best and closest friends has moved away, this is a great sadness to me and probably always will be. But I am blessed with lots of remarkably fantastic friends who will always be there for me. Plus I’ve met some really lovely people lately who will help take my life in the direction it needs to go in.







Work-wise this has been an interesting week. Yes I could do with tonnes more work, but what I’m doing I love. With my Social Media hat on I love working with the businesses that I do, the people are unrelentingly fantastic, so much fun and make work not seem like work. I’ve had a few new copywriting opportunities lately too. I want more, I need more, but I’m content to let it grow naturally. I’m not the type to be banging on doors asking for work.

So, in summary. This week has been full of possibilities. Long may that continue!

19 responses to “Word of the Week 28/3/14

  1. Sharon (@TeenTweenToddle)

    This is a great post, long may it continue indeed! x #WotW

  2. I love to read something uplifting posts as I am trying to make mine positive as well. This post is inspiring & full of hope =)


  3. Twice a mummy double the fun

    Sounds exciting for you πŸ™‚ x WotW x

  4. Lovely to hear such a positive post. I love that you’re happy to let it grow naturally too.

  5. Lovely bright and positive post, really enjoy reading nice news.

  6. Mandy Walsh (@lifewithasd)

    Sounds liek a postive week, hope the the possibilities keep on coming #WotW

  7. Fantastic to hear!! Such a positive post x

  8. Loving the positivity. Great mantra and very uplifting. You go girl!

  9. VaiChin@Rambling Through Parenthood

    Here’s to a lot more of them! Like the positivity in that word. #wotw

  10. thereadingresidence

    Ooh, I do love possibilities! It keeps you happy and energised, so fab that you’ve several buzzing about you πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing with #WotW

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