3 Fun Competitions To Organise For Your Children

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Keeping the kids busy during half terms and summer holidays can be difficult. These fun competition ideas should keep them busy and having fun and give you a bit of a break when the kids are off school.

Scooter Races And Skill Games

Kids love riding scooters and doing little hops or jumping off a kerb or small ledge. The great thing about scooters for kids is they come in all sizes for all ages. If the age range of your children is more than a few years you can struggle to get them to all play together. Scooters help level the playing field between small children and older kids.

You can use any kind of scooter for kids of all ages and sizes at Micro Scooters, as well as safety equipment and a range of accessories. The wide range of sizes means you can get all your kids involved, and even the adults too. You can have a whole day of fun in the garden or at the park as a family with scooters.

Organise a series of races between your kids and their friends. Make the races one versus one and make sure everyone races against each other, this will help make the activity last. You will need prizes for winners. You can also have skill shows across patios and bunny hops over DIY ramps, with scores out of ten for each rider’s display. You can act as judge and stay seated with a cool drink if you like, or join in.

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Have A Family Fun Day

Remember the fun days at school and mini-Olympic competitions with sack races and relay dashes? You can bring these into the back garden or a public park to help keep your kids active and enjoy some healthy competitive sports.

The egg and spoon race is a classic but use hard-boiled eggs to cut down on mess. You can add bicycle races or skateboarding tasks too if your kids enjoy these types of sports. You can tailor-make a family fun day to keep everyone happy and have a great day out together. It is easy to involve other friends and family, too. The bigger the event, the better.

Giving your family fun day a theme can be a lot of fun, maybe one that is special to you all, and get a trophy or prize for the overall winner. Think about buying a proper cup and making the competition a regular thing, so winners can pass the trophy on to one another in future competitions.

Try A Bowling Or Boules Tournament

Flat green bowling and the French game Boules are two great sports that can become very competitive. The best thing about them is you do not need a high level of physical fitness to play all day, they are relaxed sports that anyone of any age or size can compete together in.

Set up a space on a back lawn and get a game going. You can play game after game and keep track of who is winning the most to become the bowling champion.

Just one of these simple ideas can keep your kids, and your whole family, busy over a weekend or a half term. Competitions like these can be run again and again, and do not cost a penny to play.

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