4 Reasons Your New Family Car Should Be an EV

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The summer months are finally here and it’s time to take the family on a few road trips to enjoy the warm weather you’ve waited so long for. However, if you’re worried that the old family car just won’t do well on the open road for any great distance, perhaps it’s time to consider a new family car. Whether you choose a second-hand car that will be new to you or a new model off the lot, the one bit of advice you can be given is that it’s time to consider an electric vehicle, EV.

There are all different sizes and models to choose from and if you have it in mind to get an SUV, no worries there! Some of the nicest EVs on car lots today are SUVs that can accommodate a family of five or six quite easily. Now then, if you are wondering why it is time for an EV, here are four reasons to contemplate.


1. Petrol Is at an All-Time High

So many families are concerned with electric car costs without considering just how much it takes to run a vehicle that uses petrol or diesel. A recent article from BBC online posted that it now costs more than £100 to fill the average family car. It is a record high and global economists don’t see prices dropping any time soon. However, that doesn’t seem to relieve worries about the cost of EVs in the UK or elsewhere. Actually, a very informative article on the ElectriX website outlines the costs of EVs, new and used, which are not nearly as expensive as many people fear. In fact, when the savings on petrol are factored in, EVs are actually less expensive than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

2. Staying Ahead of Government’s 2030 Legislation

Then there is the fact that in just a few years, it will be virtually impossible to buy new model petrol cars in the UK. This legislation passed just over a year ago and is fully backed by Boris Johnson as it was by his predecessor Theresa May. The previous ruling set the year 2040 as the date when car lots could no longer sell new model cars powered by petrol or diesel, but Prime Minister Johnson was a bit more ambitious when promoting moving that date forward a decade. Needing a new car at this time could be a blessing in disguise!

3. A Lesson in Sustainable Living for the Kids

Your children have been studying sustainable living in school and one of the areas covered is in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. In some grades they begin learning about the Net Zero deadline of 2050 and how the UK is a world leader in alternative power sources like the windmill farms on coastal areas of the country. With charging stations throughout the country, it is evident that this is the way of the future and a major attempt to reduce our use of fossil fuels when there are alternative sources of power available.

4. Motivation to Go Solar for Your Home

On a more personal level, buying an EV at this time might just spur you into action for going solar to power your home. Prices are less than 50% of what they were just two years ago and by the time you factor in savings on electricity for the home and power for your EV, it makes sense to invest in both solar and EV technology at the very same time. In fact, a charging port for your home is less than £500 and if you finance your solar panels and charging port, you will still be paying less than you would for electricity for your home and petrol for your car. Here again, it’s a hands-on lesson in sustainable living all because of your need for a new vehicle at this time.

Putting It All Together

While there may be an immediate investment needed to purchase an EV and a solar power system for your home, the savings you will realise over time will more than compensate for that initial expense. Isn’t it time that you considered a long term investment that will begin offering savings in just a short period of time? If petrol prices continue to rise as has been predicted in the UK as well as abroad, you might actually be breaking even at this time with the intent of major savings in the near future.

There is no reason to worry that you won’t find a model suitable for your family needs and no reason to think that you are limited to new models on the lot. You can choose used EVs as well as new models and most dealers will work within your budget for you. Do yourself a favour and check out EVs before you lock yourself into a car that will cost a small fortune to run.

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