5 Fun Family Activities For Rainy Days That Don’t Cost The Earth

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During the school holidays, on weekends or just whenever you need to keep your kids occupied, the worst thing that can happen is that the heavens open.

Unfortunately, in the UK, it’s more than likely that at some point, it’s going to chuck it down, and when it does, your kids probably won’t be able to go out and play the organised sports or do the activities that they enjoy.

When that happens, you could plan to visit an indoor play area, but that can get expensive. Many parents want to do something at home with their little ones, but that can get difficult.

It might be tempting to just stick the TV on or give them a computer game to keep your kids quiet, but that could drastically increase their screen time. As 79% of parents are already concerned about the amount of screen time their kids have, it’s clear that you need to do everything you can to reduce the amount of time your kids spend staring at technology.

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Another key issue many parents might be concerned about is how much money it’ll cost to entertain their kids indoors. Ordering treats or spending a lot of money on home activities can quickly add up, which can be tough, especially when you consider the fact that parents are among the most affected by the cost-of-living crisis.

Luckily for you, help is at hand. Here are some tried-and-tested family activities that kids of all ages will love and that will keep their minds off the bad weather!

Fort Building

One of the ultimate in-home entertainment options is building a fort. It’s not only a fun activity that will take you back to your childhood, but it’s also simple and easy to do. Use blankets, pillows, and furniture to build an epic fort. Once it’s constructed, you can read, play games, or have a snack inside the cosy hideaway. Building the fort might not take much time, but once it’s done, you’ll have somewhere fun to spend time with your kids. You can then use one of the options below to find something else to keep your kids entertained with, then take the end results into your fort for a fun experience for everyone.

Cooking Or Baking

If you’re a family of foodies, then you could pick out a good group recipe and cook or bake as a family. Whether you choose to experiment with new recipes, bake cookies, or make your own pizzas, try to find activities in the kitchen that can involve everyone, no matter what their ages and abilities. Making no-bake desserts can be an ideal option for families with young children, as they can get involved safely, and there’s something tasty for them to enjoy afterwards. Cooking together is not only fun but also teaches valuable life skillsthat your kids can use in the future, so it’s worth getting into the habit of when the weather turns bad.

Educational Games And Flashcards

Playing educational games with your kids can be a great way to make learning fun, but many of them are online. If you want to reduce the screentime your children enjoy while waiting for the rain to subside, you could consider flashcards for kids from Happy Little Doers. These innovative games are great for teaching kids the basics of numbers, phonetics, shapes, writing and more, so you can help them to get to grips with vital life skills while having fun!

DIY Science Experiments

Another fun learning activity you can do with your kids is to make some fun homemade science experiments. Find simple science experiments you can do at home using everyday household items. From creating volcanoes to making slime, these activities are both educational and entertaining, and they’re really easy to prepare in a rush. So, if the rain catches you by surprise, you don’t have anything in to bake with and your kids want something new to do, then this could be a great choice.

A Home Spa Day

Creating a home spa day is a fantastic way to unwind, relax, and pamper yourselves as a family. It’s also fairly easy to plan, and you can usually use items you already have in your home. The key is to set the atmosphere and make the space feel special. Pick a room in your home where you can create a calming ambience. Dim the lights, light some scented candles, and play soft, tranquil music in the background. Then, choose the right products for a relaxing day. Many of the best home spa products are the ones you might keep in your bathroom cupboard, such as Epsom Salts and body scrubs, so you can have fun without spending too much extra money.

When all’s said and done, rainy days can provide wonderful opportunities for quality family time and creating lasting memories, but only if you take the time to make a plan and have all the necessary items close at hand. With the help of these ideas, you can enjoy your rainy days, be present and have fun with your loved ones.

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