Care Home Alternatives For Your Elderly Relatives

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Watching your parents or grandparents grow old can be hard, the independence and strength they once had is starting to slowly wither and fade. They may be slower than they used to be, a little bit weaker and less sound of mind. Caring for your elderly relatives can cause a lot of stress, and sometimes the thought of having them in a care home is just too much to bare. The good news is there are alternative care options which don’t involve you paying out for a care home.         

Moving in with a carer

Shared living is something which is ideal if the elderly person is no longer able to look after themselves independently. There are two different options here, you could either have your elderly relative to move in with a qualified carer, or do what the Live In Care Company does and have the carer move in with them. Having the carer moving into the elderly relative’s house is probably a better opting because it means that your parent or grandparent won’t have to leave their surroundings, which will minimise the stress involved.

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Home Sharing

This is the same concept as with a carer, but with someone who has spare space in their home or needs somewhere to live. This is suitable for elderly people who are still able to care for themselves but maybe just need some companionship in their lives.

A younger person will be able to help with things around the house like cleaning and cooking, and also go shopping with the elderly to help them be more independent and get out of the house as much as possible.

Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are an amazing concept, they allow residents to buy an apartment or rent the property, and move all of their own furniture and belongings into the space for a more homey feel to it all. They are free to live life as they would have in their own home, with pets, family and friends visiting, and the ability to decorate as they wish. The homes are all kitted out with equipment to allow the resident to be as independent as possible. They will have an alarm in case of emergencies, accessible showers and higher toilet seats.

Adapt your home

If you can’t bare the thought of your relative being in the hands of others, you can choose to have them move into your home with your family on hand to look after them. Most councils will help provide you with care equipment such as stair and bath lifts, bathroom rails and alarms so that your elderly relative can live independently and move around with ease when you are at work. You will be able to take turns looking after your relative and also spend that all important extra time with the ones you love in their final years. You could enjoy weekend days out together, cosy evenings on the couch and watching them interact with your kids. If you are able to have your parent move in with you, it is the best option by far.

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