How to Create Memories That Last Forever

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For all of us, memories are important. They are a great way to bring comfort, make you smile and motivate yourself. Good memories have the power to make you laugh, cry and feel every emotion in between. They are important, so, it is well worth taking the time to preserve them for the long-term. Here are a few ways you can do exactly that.

Decorate your walls with them

Specialist print firms like hello canvas make it extremely easy to take some of your treasured memories and have them turned into artwork to use in your home. All you need to do is to choose the photos you like best, work out what style of print or poster you want and upload the image to the printer´s website. When your print or poster arrives you just need to hang it up. If the hook is already there it will only take you a minute or two to do so.

dust and things keepsake memory box

Create little memory boxes

Sometimes memories are wrapped up in far more than just images. Of course, images do help you to remember special events in your life. But, they do not always tell the whole story. That is why it is always nice to preserve other items alongside the images.

You can do this by gathering certain items together in a little box. A skiing holiday memory box could include your piste map with all of the runs you skied marked on it. It might also contain the medal you won for your ski school slalom run, a cone you picked up when you stopped to take a photo in the forest and maybe a beer mat or napkin from the restaurant you had lunch in. These items do not sound like much, but when combined with photos and videos they really do bring back powerful memories.

If you are able to, include something scented in the box. For example, when you create a memory box for a person, try to include something they wore regularly, like a scarf, in their memory box.

It is surprising how quickly the memories flood back when you see that item and smell the scent that they always wore when you open their box. Stimulating your visual and olfactory senses at the same time has a very powerful effect on your memory. It enables you to recall things in a much clearer way.

Keep a diary or scrapbook

For more general memories, keeping a diary or creating a scrapbook is a great approach. It is surprising what you will remember when you sit down and read your diary. Add in visual clues like ticket stubs and you will have created a very powerful way to trigger happy memories.

If you find a scrapbook too messy or unwieldy get a shoe box and stow items in there instead. Using card it is easy to divide it up into sections to keep things tidy. This makes it far easier for you to be able to find specific items when you want to share a memory with a friend or family member. This short article explains how to create a memory box and keep it organized.

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