Eating The Right Food For The Right Purpose

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If you were to believe the media, food is by far the Number One enemy of the nation. Most wealthy people eat far too much, while some intentionally choose to eat far too little. Ultimately, even though we all have some understanding of what a healthy diet should look like, we still prefer to ignore it. As a result, the overweight population is growing – more rapidly than expected – and more importantly, obesity doesn’t only affect people. Pets too are struggling with weight and weight-related health issues. It’s time for a wake-up call! Food is not your enemy; it’s your friend if you eat the right food for the right purpose. Does it sound complicated?

Recipe: Delicious Armenian Red Cabbage Salad

Think about it. Nobody can sustain a strict diet forever. It doesn’t matter how dedicated you are. There’s a time when the call of the pizza with gooey cheese and a double serving of pepperoni is just too much to ignore. And it’s the same argument for your beloved pet. Some days, you don’t have time to play, so you make up for it with a yummy biscuit or a slice of beef in gravy. So how can you keep it together with depriving yourself, or your pet?

How much do people spend on food?

Let’s consider a fact for a start. Britons spend more on food than anything else. We’ve become a culture of eating out, and somehow, while it doesn’t always go well with your waistline, at least it’s a healthy alternative to smoking – the number of smokers is decreasing in comparison. Would you be surprised to know that the nation spends more on sugar and biscuits than bread when we’re not eating out? The problem is not specifically on how much we spend, but on our choices of food. The idea is to enjoy food and embrace the exciting, local restaurant scene without putting your health at risk. In short, keep an eye on your veg consumption and try to reduce the amount of fat, sugar, and carbs in comparison.

What’s the right fitness diet?

As a response to an unhealthy lifestyle, more and more adults are trying to improve their fitness regime by registering at their local gym or taking on running. However, it can be difficult here to stick to a healthy fitness diet. Your body needs food as a fuel for energy and also a recovery solution for your sore, post-workout muscles. Protein shakes are a favourite – you can compare protein supplements at Fitness Savvy for flavour and price here. But it’s important to understand what a gym snack contains. Indeed, too many enthusiastic gym goers overeat after a session.

Finding the right food for your pet

Finally, more and more vets agree that an overweight pet is a sophisticated form of animal cruelty. Owners who don’t feed their pets properly are accused of not caring for the animal. So, you need to pick the best food option for your pet, based on its health requirements, preferences, and lifestyle. It doesn’t mean you can let it indulge in a treat from time to time, but don’t make it a habit!

It’s time to stop the love-hate relationship you’ve got with food. Food is essential to life. But too much of the bad stuff can lead you to an early death. Your healthy food journey starts with understanding what the body needs without depriving yourself or others of a pleasurable treat!

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