How You Can Feel Sensational This Spring

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With the new season comes a new impulse to freshen up our health and well-being. Warmer days and longer nights bring us out of our feelings of hibernation and into reconnecting with our bodies and taking notice of ourselves as well as the world outside our doors. It may be that January brought wellness resolutions – things like us taking on a new exercise regime, vowing to address unhealthy diet habits or even fitting in that monthly sports massage. Having more energy, feeling happier, sleeping better, dropping those extra pounds and cleansing our bodies are all interconnected and make us feel much brighter. So here are some easy ways to start the body spring clean, feel sensational and get the new season off to a great start.


Combat Hydration Issues

It may sound like a small thing, but lots of us are actually affect with chronic dehydration without realising. Not taking on enough fluids can cause bloating, kidney problems, weight issues, slowed mental capacity and mood swings, so it’s pretty critical that we get enough water during the day. An easy trick is to keep a lidded glass container, like a mason jar, filled with water on your bedside table. As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink it down before leaving the bed. Not only will this flush your system out and get your morning started the right way, it will prompt you to keep topping up your hydration through the rest of the day. Think about whether dehydration could be the cause of problems such as low-key headaches – find out more about these symptoms at H20 is vital to every single system in the body, so make sure you’re giving your body enough and you may notice some vital health benefits.

Nourish Your Body

As tempting as it is to continue feasting on delicious cake and other treats, making sure you nourish your body with whole foods is key to getting your glow on. But that doesn’t mean counting every calorie or going on a salad only diet! You can take some simple steps such as making sure you eat at least three different coloured fruits of vegetables in every meal – this is called ‘eating the rainbow’ and means your getting a wide range of vitamins and minerals into your body. Avoid processed foods and find recipes for nourishing, healthy foods like the ones at

Address Sleeping Problems

A lot of weight loss experts will tell you that proper sleep is actually one of the pillars to maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle. If you don’t get quality sleep, you are likely to make poorer dietary choices, as high-carb and sugary options will become more appealing, and your willpower is less. You are also far less likely to stick to any workout routine if you are tired. So if you are having trouble sleeping, it’s worth addressing that first. First of all, try to create a bedtime routine – having a deep bath, using an aromatherapy pillow spray, and banning all electronics from your sleeping space can help. There is a great guide to getting quality sleep here. If you have problems dropping off, you could even try a meditation podcast like this one just before you go to sleep.

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