Fixing Up Your Home for The New Year? 3 Ways to Help You Prepare

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Yet another year is coming to an end, which means it’s not just the ideal time to decorate your home for the holidays, but also to perhaps start the new year on a fresh note. Not that everyone needs to go all out with a kitchen and bathroom remodelling project of course, but just a few essential fixes and strategic changes to the indoor setting may do wonders. If you find the idea intriguing, do read on because we have a few suggestions from the experts for you next.

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Clean, Repair & Replace Damaged Tiles

Check the tiles in your home and see if they could use a good cleaning. Chances are that they could and cleaning them in the proper way can make tiled floor and washroom walls look like new instalments. Avoid using a cleaner that will damage your tiles more than cleaning them. Instead stick to soapy water, soft mops, and pH neutral tile cleaners only.

If you find that a few of your tiles have developed visible cracks and dents, they will either need to be repaired or replaced, depending on how bad the damage is. This is a job best left to experienced handymen, which goes double in case the tiles need to be replaced. It’s easy enough to find a handyman these days because all you need to do is type in and search for “handyman near me” from your phone to find them! They can help you with pretty much everything from installing/repairing tiles and floorboards to installing the Christmas lights in your home and yard.

Get a Paintjob

Check your home to first identify the rooms/walls/ceilings/exteriors that are in most need of a brand-new paintjob. Paint them in a new colour or at least shade that you have never tried out before. Even if the paint isn’t exactly coming off the walls, don’t be hesitant about painting a room in any way that you wish to.

Reports indicate that new, brighter colours can have an ambient positive effect on people’s moods. Besides, a fresh coat of new colours in the home seems like a good way to get that fresh start on a new year. Not that people can’t or don’t paint their own homes, but if you want your home to look good during the holidays, hiring a professional house painter or a handyman is advisable.

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Get the Electrical Lines Checked

Electrical fires are far more common during the winter months than they should be, and unfortunately most incidents seem to be more concentrated During Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The reason behind this phenomenon is simple enough; people end up overloading their circuits. This happens most often when:

  • People use long extension cords to supply power to their exterior holiday lights.
  • People use extension cords that do not have the necessary output capacity to power all the electronics they connect to them.
  • The wall socket’s maximum amperage is lower than the amperage necessary to power everything that’s connected to it via an extension cord.
  • The connected electric circuit itself does not have the amperage necessary to supply the voltage required by the lights, devices, and appliances.

The last bit about electric lines, aka circuits, having a lower amperage than the wall outlet can lead to housefires of the worst kind. Since a live electric line can only be checked for amperage by a certified professional, hire one to check your electrics for damage and/or shorts, before installing your New Year party lights.

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