How do you say I Love You to your loved ones?

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Shout “bah humbug” at me if you want, but I often feel that being given a bunch of flowers on an occasion such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day is a bit of a waste. I’d hate to feel that someone felt obligated to buy me something because it was considered the right thing to do.

I’d much, much rather have someone give me a bunch of flowers just because they wanted to tell me they loved me, or because they knew they were my favourite flowers, or because it’s weekend and why not. Impromptu flowers are my favourite kind of flowers.

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A beautiful bouquet of flowers can often be the perfect way to say I love you. My husband and son, when they are moved to express their feelings for me in gift form, often do so in a bouquet of flowers. On birthdays and special anniversaries I often receive a delivery of beautiful flowers.

I have on rare occasions sent my husband flowers. But more often than not, I express my love for my boys is through cooking. By cooking their favourite meals and baking them their favourite cakes and biscuits. I feed them well and they know when there’s a roast dinner in the oven; what I’m really saying is I love you.

UK flower delivery specialists, have done some research on how the people of the UK say I love you., Flying Flowers have created the infographic below with their research results.

Apparently 83% of people associate the classic red rose with love. I do love receiving red roses, but I had delicate white roses in my wedding bouquet and a bouquet similar to what I walked down the aisle with is a special gift for me.

How do you show your loved ones how you feel about them? Are you a feeder like me? Or a sender of flowers or chocolates? How do you say I love you?

Flying Flowers

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