Transforming Your Garden Into A Social Zone

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Making your garden a social zone could allow you to host parties with friends and arrange outdoor family get-togethers. But what do you need to make your garden more guest-friendly? Here are just a few features to consider.

Lay down a patio/decking area

A patio or decking area can help to create a designated social zone separate to your lawn. Most homeowners choose to build this area near the house, although it could be better placed in an area of your garden that gets the most sun. You can build your own patio or decking area or hire a professional to construct it for you. Both patios and decking need to be regularly cleaned to help keep them looking their best (although they’re certain to require much less maintenance than your lawn).

Invest in some durable garden furniture

Your garden will need some outdoor furniture if you’re going to be turning it into a social space. Plastic chairs and tables are often the cheapest option, but they’re also the least durable. Consider investing in something more study and visually dramatic such as this Bramblecrest Monterey furniture. Wooden and wicker furniture is often the most versatile, requiring little maintenance and offering good durability. Another option could be cast iron furniture, which is difficult to move but ideal for withstanding a storm.  

Add some exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting can help to brighten up your garden in the evenings. There are lots of lighting choices to consider. Solar lights won’t cost you any energy and can be placed anywhere in your garden. Another energy-efficient option could be lanterns with candles in. Alternatively, you could consider battery operated lighting or wire in some lighting to the mains. Festoon lights and fairy lights can help to create a magical feel, whilst spotlights and floodlights may be better for providing intense light at night. Companies like Lighting Direct have a great selection of outdoor lights to choose from to suit your needs.

Keep your garden warm

As evening approaches, the temperature may drop in your garden. Having an outdoor heat source can be handy. You may be able to use natural fire in the form of a fire pit or a chimenea. Alternatively, you could consider buying a patio heater. Some patio heaters are solar powered whilst other run off oil and gas – find the best solution for you.

Provide shelter from the elements

Patio umbrellas can help to give people some shade from the sun as well as cover from the rain. This can prevent people from having to go indoors for shelter. Another shelter option could be to put up a gazebo or a marquee. This could be a permanent fixture or something that you assemble before a party. Sites such as Gazebo have a range of shelter options to consider.

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