How Should I Educate My Child

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Educating your child can be difficult. It can actually often end up with you learning more yourself than they do. It is critical to teach our children the right way to behave and let them understand important life lessons from an early age- because this will bleed through to the way they live the rest of their lives too.

Ask Questions

When your child comes home from a day at school, ask them how their day was and what they did in class, You can use this information to probe deeper and also provide extra snippets of information that they may not have covered in school. Talking about things helps you to retain information for much longer than simply reading something. So taking the time to ask your child how their day was and talking to them about their lessons will help them retain information and understand what they’ve been told by their teachers.

You can ask questions when they are drawing and creating things too. Kids love to make things and create artwork. When they have finished drawing, take the time to ask them who is in the picture or what colours they used. This is a great way to give positive reinforcement and help your kids to be inspired to carry on doing what they are doing.

Reinforce Good Behaviour

In the early stages of your child’s life, most of the teachings you practice with them should reinforce good behaviour. It should be about teaching your children the value of being polite to others, recognising when people are upset and sharing with their peers. These are all values which are crucial to kids and should be instilled in them from a young age so that they carry these morals unconsciously into adulthood.

Praise effort

Giving praise to your children is another form of positive reinforcement, and in order to make your children behave in a certain way you need to make sure they are rewarded for it. For example, if your child offers for another to play with their toy without you asking them to, you should praise them and tell them they did a really great job.

It is also important to praise your children when they make an effort with something, not just when they succeed. It will encourage them to keep trying and striving to achieve what they want in life, rather than just giving up.

Parent-Teacher relationship

Teachers are of course a huge influence in your children’s life, they spend just as much time with your child as you do. The important thing is to pick a school which you trust and which you like the teachers, because you will have to talk to their teachers almost every day. Choosing from these international schools can help you find the most reputable schools in your area for your child to learn and grow. Take time to talk to your child’s teacher and see if there is anything you can do to help your child in terms of lessons and things you can be teaching them at home at the weekend. Staying in contact with the teacher can help you make sure you are getting the best education for your youngster.

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