Time for a kitchen upgrade

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During our half term holiday I managed to pin my Mister down and have a proper talk about the house. We’ve lived here for nearly four years and there are two rooms which remain untouched and I cannot stand them. One of these rooms is our kitchen diner. In our old house the kitchen was the size of a cupboard, so when I clapped eyes on our current kitchen it was love at first sight. It’s big and light and airy.

The problem is whoever decorated this big, light, airy space decided to tile the floor with black slate tiles and the walls in a selection of dark, dingy coloured tiles. It’s never been what I would choose, but I can live with it, it’s not terrible, it’s just not making the best of what’s there. New kitchens are not cheap.


I long for a bright white kitchen with tiling which makes the most of the light available. I want a lovely chunky light wooden worktop, white walls and splash backs which bounce the light around and are easy to clean. I’m not sure about what to do about the floor tiles though, the black does suck up all the light, but it is really practical and hides a multitude of muddy boot prints and dirty dog paws (we do clean it regularly, fear not).

So decision made, whilst we can’t afford to do anything massively drastic with the tiles or the actual cupboards, we can it least paint the walls a bright white colour and get a new fridge to replace the one which moved with us in 2011 and is currently in its death throes.

I’ve long had my eye on an American style fridge freezer, something we do have the space for and with two hungry boys to feed, a bigger fridge is what I need. Plus I’ve always fancied having one of those integrated cool water dispensers. Sad I know, but it’s the little things.

I’m hoping the Mister will remember his holiday promises to me and that by Easter I’ll have a kitchen I’m much happier with.

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