Get A Leaner Body For The Summer

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If you want to get a lean and healthy body for summer then you will want to start making changes to your lifestyle right now. It takes time to achieve a great body which we can maintain, and there will be things in your lifestyle which you need  to change along the way. If you want to get lean this year, here’s how you can do it.

Eat better foods

As the weather warms up it can be difficult for us to want to eat very heavy meals, and this can lead us to struggle keeping up with the right amount of calories our body needs during the day. The issue with this is if you don’t eat enough good food during the day, you are more likely to snack on bad foods at night. To avoid this make sure to have small meals throughout the day and make sure you have a source of protein with every meal. Protein is important for our body because it builds muscle, and it is great for keeping us fuller for longer because it takes longer to digest. By adding foods like egg, chicken, nuts and lentils into your meals you will feel more satisfied and therefore stay leaner.

Get A Leaner Body For The Summer How to detox for a healthier summer

Try Fasted Cardio

There always seems to be a bit of debate over whether we should eat before or after exercising, but if you want to burn a large portion of fat from your body you will always want to exercise before you eat. The reason for this is that when we exercise less than 2 hours after eating, we are burning off the food we just ate rather than the fat in our bodies. By waking up in the morning and getting straight to it with your exercise you are leaving your body with no choice but to break down fat to use as energy.

Make it fun

The most important thing you need to remember about staying fit and healthy s that it shouldn’t feel like a chore. You need to make your meals fun to est and your exercises fun to do. Take the time to find activities that you will actually enjoy rather than going to the gym. For example you might love jumping up and down on Rectangular Trampolines: and this can be a great form of cardio for your body. You may enjoy swimming in the sea: which again is great for burning fat from your entire body. Find hobbies and sports you enjoy and do them as often as you can!


Our bodies need water to survive, it is our most basic need as human beings. On an average day you should be drinking at least 2 litres of water in order to keep your body running smoothly. Water is the lifeblood of our cells and will allow us to stay healthy, feel fuller for longer and keep us looking young too. Take the opportunity to start your day with a big glass of water in the mornings and see how different it can make you feel.

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