Making the most of natural light with a Livin Roof

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Until I had a family of my own I didn’t appreciate just how much room kids take up, with their toys and games and general bouncing around, it’s nice to have a space just for the grown-ups. In my Grandmas time, her house would have a parlour reserved for visiting adults and it was absolutely child free. These days many family homes have a well turned out conservatory for grown-ups to enjoy some clutter free quiet time.

Of course conservatories have a whole range of different uses. Most people build them for the extra space and to take advantage of natural light. Natural light is so important, it can be a great mood booster, can help reduce the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder (known as SAD) and it has a range of other health benefits. I often walk into the sunny atrium of a large public building and feel uplifted, purely because of the light. But how can we bring that feeling into our own homes?

The Livin Roof (not a typo!) is one way to maximise the light levels in your new or existing conservatory. A Livin Roof is made from insulated external panels which sit next to glass panels and are an incredibly stylish and more energy efficient alternative to a traditional conservatory roof.

Livin roof

From the inside the roof looks like a solid roof with glass panels in it, the insulated panels help the conservatory to retain heat and this means that you can use your conservatory all year round. Not only that, because of the stylish and more robust design of the roof, the conservatory can feel more like an additional room, rather than just an add on to your home.

The benefits of installing a Livin Roof include…

  • It is more thermally and energy efficient than a traditional conservatory
  • Floods your conservatory with natural light
  • The Livin Roof can be designed and made into any shape or roof style
  • Quick installation compared to other conservatory roof systems
  • The Livin Roof has a stylish finish which gives a modern and contemporary feel
  • Incorporates a Classic Cornice to hide your guttering, keeping the finish both neat and stylish

Local Stockport based company, Reddish Joinery are known for their quality conservatories and can help and advise you on making your new conservatory both stylish and super usable with an innovative Livin Roof. Their work also comes with a reassuring 10 year guarantee.

If you’re looking to build a conservatory, or you need to replace the roof of your existing conservatory, a Livin Roof is a beautiful, modern, efficient and stylish option. I adore the idea of a light filled room we can use year round, somewhere to relax with friends, a quiet space to read, or a vibrant colourful family room where we can enjoy meals, crafts and games. A conservatory can add so much to your home and is a great investment, it makes sense to take advantage of the many benefits of a stylish Livin Roof.

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