Making Sure Your House Is Secure For Fun, Stress Free Days Out

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A number of resolutions for this New Year will include for many people spending more quality time with family and getting outside in the fresh air more. These two resolutions work extremely well hand in hand. The mention of a nice country walk to the park, or a picnic of your favourite family meals by the river may already conjure up many happy memories for you. However, when it comes to the long summer days or short winter nights, it can fill you with some anxiety to always be out of the house – especially in the evenings. Opportunist thieves tend to pick their moments based on the weather and school holidays, and this can fill many homeowners with dread – which can get in the way of a fun family day out. Here are a few simple things you can do, so you can have fun in confidence that your home is secure.

Windows and Doors

If your double glazing or doors are in need of upgrading, researching a supplier of Masterframe windows or similar will ensure you are getting high-quality windows with high-quality locks – you can even get the same style for the aesthetic of your home. New windows and doors will also help you to make your home more energy efficient. On top of the quality of your windows and doors, taking the time to ensure they are all shut and locked before leaving the house is essential, and may already be a habit of yours. Taking keys out of doors and placing them far away from letterboxes will ensure thieves won’t be able to maneuver them into easy reach, and placing alarms on all your windows and back doors is a great thief deterrent. It will also help to put your mind at ease if you to leave the house in a hurry.

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You will probably already have a security alarm system in place, however, there are other security items that can help to put your mind at ease. Even if your budget won’t stretch as far to get a security camera, installing a dummy camera in the front/back of your house will be a powerful deterrent. If your budget will stretch, having a fully functioning camera installed will make sure that even if any problems did arise while you’re out, you have full documented proof for the police and your insurance provider. So, the money you invest is sure to be worth it. Also, joining your local neighbourhood watch will not only help you to integrate further into your local community but mean you have neighbours looking out for you whenever you are out of the house. They can be your eyes when you’re not there.  

Timed Electronics

If you are leaving the house for the entire day or staying somewhere for the weekend, having timed plugs for your lights and radio are a great way of deterring even the most confident opportunists. Having lights timed to come on and off sporadically, and even the TV or radio, will help it to appear like the home is occupied when empty. Even though this may add a little on to your energy bill – a safe, secure home is invaluable.  

Being sure every time you go out for a fun day that your home is safe and secure will help you to have a great time with your family that is completely worry free.

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