Making money in unusual ways

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When you think about making money, we guarantee that the first, and possibly the only, thing you’re going to think about is going to work. But how much do you hate going to work?! You’re definitely not going to be alone with that feeling. Going to work is a hard part of life, but it’s a part of life that we just can’t avoid. However, just because we’re working, it doesn’t mean that we’re making the money that we need to make. Close to half of the population of the world is in debt, purely because the money they’re earning through work just isn’t enough. So, think about some ways that you can make money elsewhere. If you’re struggling to come up with the goods, we’ve got some unusual ways that you can make some extra cash, but we guarantee all of them are going to help you with your finances, and your quest to be in a better position with money.

Your Home Can Help

A home is going to be the last place that people would turn to to make money. In fact, people spend their whole lives tearing their hair out over the fact that owning a home is just one big money drainer. However, there are plenty of ways to make money from your home, you just need to open your mind to the possibilities. One way that you can do it is by renting out a room, which is something a lot of you will definitely never have considered before. Renting out a room is an invasion of privacy we know, but if you have a spare room, why not try and make money from it. All you have to do is make sure that you’re meeting all of the laws, which you can find from the internet, and make sure that you have a good tenant to come and live in your home. Don’t worry about an invasion of privacy too much. You can tell them which rooms you don’t want them going in, and you can put locks on those specific doors. Most of the time, it’ll be a mutual agreement of keeping out of each others way, and you having a bit of money in your bank account at the end of every month!

Making money in unusual ways


We’re talking about the services that you can offer to the wider public, that you’re both going to benefit from. We know most of you are really going to love this one! In your local area, is there a dog walking business? If not, then there is a huge gap in the market for you. Plus, how good does it sound to be able to go and walk dogs for a few hours a day! As stressful as it might be, because you are going to be looking after someone’s doggy baby, it’s still a good little earner. All you have to do is go into the homes, collect the dogs, walk them, make sure they have water when they get back, and move onto the next home! It might be a longer process, but if you have a few spare hours a day free, it’s really worth it.

Insta Famous

To become insta famous might be a dream to some of you. You’ll see these Instagram accounts that are flaunting absolutely everything, and they get paid a hell of a lot to do it through sponsorships and contracts. So, one that we think the majority of you might be good at, is the food side of things. All you have to do is make a meal that’s unique and quirky, or even just normal! And make it look good. People will drool over the food you’re using, and if you get enough likes, you will get recognised. Companies will they pay you to make something using their product, and as long as you tag them in it you should get paid for it.

Your Body Comes In Handy

We’re not talking about anything weird here. We’re talking about the simple ways that your body could make you money. For example, if you have a long lock of hair, why not donate it! It’s a small amount of money compared to the other things we’ve mentioned, but it’s probably one of the most easy to do. All you need to do is grow, and cut, and the process carries on like that until you decide to stop. There are of course other ways of making money through your body, such as through clinical trials, which you can definitely earn a lot of money from.

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