Hair Care: How I’ve learned to live with my fine hair

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When I was a child I had wonderfully thick and glossy hair, the kind people envied. Then I hit puberty and it gradually began to thin out, and thin out, and thin out. Now I have really fine hair. It is what it is, and I’ve got what I’ve got. I’ve just got to make the best of it.

Being a woman I have gone through hormonal peaks and troughs. When I was pregnant my hair grew thicker and more plentiful, but as soon as my son was born it all fell out again. It’s grown back a bit more now but I know that in the last four years, stress and medication have taken their toll. I’m now hurtling towards menopause and I’m worried what my post menopausal hair will be like.

On a day-to-day basis I use a special shampoo for fine hair. I also use styling products which are supposed to stimulate your hair follicles. Using a decent hair styling brush helps. I try to give my hair a few days off if I can. Sometimes I don’t leave the house so I don’t wash my hair, or I wash it but don’t style it; which gives it a break from the heat of my hairdryer.

These days I tend to use lots of thickening products, especially if I’m going out or heading to an important meeting. I find dry shampoo is a good way to temporarily boost volume, but it does make my scalp itch so I don’t use it very often.

I’ve got short hair which I’ve dyed at home for years. I dyed it back to near its natural colour a few months ago. Now I’m giving my hair a break from artificial colouring to see if that makes a difference to its condition.

I know it will get to the point where I will either need to fully embrace it and shave it all off, or take the hair transplant route. I’m not sure which way I’ll jump yet, but my fine hair is here to stay regardless of which shampoo I use.

Having fine hair is something which is remarkably common, but it’s almost taboo. In a society where your hair is supposed to be your crowing glory; if it isn’t then you’re not ticking all the ‘beautiful girl’ boxes. Not that I ticked many in the first place.

If your ‘crowning glory’ is mostly stuck down the plug-hole, should women just embrace it? After all, if it’s ok for men to be bald (and sexy) why can’t it be the same for women?

Hair Care: How I've learned to live with my fine hair

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