Managing The Dreaded Winter Weight

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Winter is coming as they said. Some of you might love it, some of you might hate it. There is a common misconception that everyone has about winter, and we love hearing about it. It’s that with the change of season, our body must change. The temperature dips which automatically warrants a bit of winter weight. An extra layer as it were. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There’s no such thing as a bit of extra body weight keeping you warm. It might make you feel comforted because you know all of the foods you’re going to eat to achieve this will make you happy, but come spring you will be completely miserable. Rather than putting on winter weight, you should start working on your summer body. We know it’s far too far away to be talking about summer, but your body can be prepped now. So, we want to show you how you can avoid the dreaded winter weight, and start sculpting your body into something perfect.

Managing The Dreaded Winter Weight

The Paleo Diet

When you start trying to diet, we know that it just won’t go to plan. You have this wonderful idea in your head about how much you’re not going to eat, only to tuck into a bag of Doritos a few minutes later. The Paleo diet will stop all of this. It restricts you we will admit, but only in a good way. It’s known as the caveman diet because it works on the basis of only eating what cavemen would have been able to forage. So, you’re limited to poultry, meat, seafood, fats and oils such as avocado, bacon and olive oil. You can also eat nuts. You can make some really tasty meals out of all of these, especially if they’re put with vegetables. Because it’s pretty much a low to no carb diet, and the fat content is also so low, you will drop pounds like never before, and actually feel super healthy. You won’t be filling up on fats, sugars and salts, it’ll pretty much be an all natural strict diet, one we definitely recommend that you try out!

Avoiding Winter Treats

Winter treats are definitely something you need to stay well away from. Mince pies, pigs in blankets, biscuits… pretty much any junk food that usually becomes acceptable to eat in bulk, you need to avoid. Whenever you feel like having a sweet treat, have a fruit smoothie, or yoghurt and fruit. It should curb your craving, but allow you to feel great at the same time!

Winter Workouts

When it’s so cold outside, why would you want to go an workout? Well, it’s actually one of the best times of year. You’ll work up a sweat to beat the cold, and workouts outdoors are so much more refreshing. It might be harder to get the motivation, but the actual workout is more enjoyable. It definitely gets more enjoyable when you start to see results, which you really would do with Astral Nutrition’s weight loss range. Considering winter is the perfect time to start working out and trying to lose weight, a weight loss range is definitely something that you should be looking in to!

So, hopefully we’ve gave you some pointers that should help you stick to losing winter weight, rather than putting it on!

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