5 Simple Steps To Better Mental Health as a New Mum

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As a new parent, especially a new mum, it can be easy to feel a little down on yourself and even get depression. If you’re more likely to feel this way anyway, then the exacerbated symptoms of tiredness, exhaustion, and fluctuating hormones can tip you over the edge. If this isn’t dealt with, then it can take over your life and perhaps even lead to an eventual breakdown. So if you’re feeling more down than normal, then it could be time to seek some professional advice. There are other things that you can do for yourself too. You need to remember that you’re not alone in feeling like this, though. There are people to talk to, medication to take if needed, and things you can change. Here are some tips to help you cope.

Eat Healthy Food

In the busy life of a mum, it can often feel like all that we’re eating is our kid’s leftovers, which is certainly not conducive to a healthy diet. But eating the best food we can, can be so beneficial to us in a number of ways. First of all, we will have much more energy than before. Even if you’ve had broken sleep, you can still feel energised when eating the right food. Sugary foods will only give you temporary energy, and then leave you feeling worse once your blood sugar has gone down. Eating good food can also help with weight loss. For some new mums, not recognising their new body can get them down. So to help, good food can make a difference, especially if you’re nursing. Taking weight loss pills isn’t going to be possible when nursing, or even your first choice. Eating well can also get your hormones back in balance, especially if you eat organic food. Many foods we eat that aren’t organic (mainly meant), can have hormones and all sorts pumped into them, which can put our balance out of whack; more so. So eating well can be a good way to get back to feeling a little more like yourself.

Keep Active

If you’ve seen Legally Blonde, then you’ll know that exercise makes people happy. And happy people don’t just kill their husbands (but that’s beside the point)! When you exercise, you will get plenty of the hormones that will lift your mood and make you feel happier. It can be so hard to take that first step to exercise when it feels like the last thing that you want to be doing. However, it can help you to feel much better about things. It can clear your head, relieve stress, and help your mental health. Some time to just do your own thing can be much needed too. It can also help you to feel stronger, fitter, and firmer, which can all help towards you feeling like yourself again.

Connect with Others

Again, going out to a baby class or toddler group might be the last thing on your mind. But it can do wonders for you. Talking to others in the same situation, and just getting out of the house can be just what the doctor ordered. Call friends if you can’t meet in person, and arrange date nights with your partner. Adult conversation can help you a lot. As wonderful as our babies are, it can be a lonely place when they are so young.

Help Others

Taking care of others, or doing something nice for others, is a great way to feel better about things. It can give some perspective, as well as giving you something else to focus on. There can be a lot of satisfaction that comes from helping others, so don’t underestimate it. It could be something simple like taking a meal to them or helping them with their laundry. But it can do a lot for your mental wellbeing.


Sleep deprivation has been used as a method of torture in the past. So it is no surprise that new mums feel exhausted and not themselves. So take the time to get as much sleep as you can. Nap when your children or baby is napping, and remember to get an early night from time to time. Keep communication open with your partner or family, and explain that you need to sleep. Having the right amount of sleep can help you to feel like a new person.

Just remember that you’re not alone; speak to someone if you need to. You can feel more like yourself again in no time.

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