Money Saving Hacks For Weekend Trips

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When it comes to travel for work or play, there are costs involved. And unfortunately, the costs do seem to rise and rise. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to cut the costs down, so that you can still enjoy days out without it costing too much money. Of course, it is all relative to what budget you have in the first place; but why pay more? Here are some hacks to help.

Get a Railcard

If you enjoy travel as a family and want to see more of the UK, then getting a family railcard can be a good way to go. The cost of a family and friends railcard is currently £30, but if you plan to use the train a lot, then it will pay for itself quickly with the savings. The good news is that it allows up to four adults and four children (aged five and over) to get discounts off their journey. And the even better news is that children under five travel for free. So using the train with a railcard could make days out more affordable for you.


Flexible Dates

If you can be flexible on the days that you travel somewhere, then it can make the travel much cheaper. It can be a good idea to book for an inset day if you’ve got children, for instance, as it can make the travel quite a bit cheaper. Tickets for some attractions also cost more at the weekend, so that is worth thinking about too.

Look For Discounts

With the wonder of the world wide web, it is easy to look for discounts or offers on particular attractions and tourist spots. There are sites like Net Voucher Codes that could be worth a look, as well as looking for non-digital platforms like cereal boxes and newspapers. They can have seasonal offers for two for one tickets at big attractions like Thorpe Park or the London Eye.

Take Your Own Lunch

Food and drink when you are out on a day out can be a big cost, especially for a family as it all adds up. Which is why it can be a good idea to pack your own lunch. Even a cheap meal deal for a sandwich can add up when you’re buying three or four of them, and it would be much more than making your own sandwiches and buying a pack of multipack crisps at the supermarket. It is a good idea to check your destination in advance, but a lot of places do offer picnic spaces for people bringing food.

Season Passes

If you go to some tourist sites, there can be seasonal passes offered for a similar price to the day price. So if that is the case, then it is really worth doing. Then going more than once will have paid for itself, or you could even share the pass with family and friends to share the cost of it. A simple hack that can save quite a bit if you like to be out and about most weekends.

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