Catch the new series of Kazoops on CBeebies

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Cbeebies is our kids TV channel of choice and we enjoy sitting down and watch together. We are excited that a new series of our favourites, Kazoops is starting this week (Monday 17th April at 4.20pm).

If you’ve not watched Kazoops before, it’s about a six year old boy called Monty Kazoops. He has a very vivid imagination. This week Monty and his loyal pet pig Jimmy Jones are back with a new series of brand new animated adventures in Kazoops.

Catch the new series of Kazoops on CBeebies
Children see the world in a different way to the adults around them. Monty and Jimmy use their imaginations to find ways to look differently at the world around them. After all, who says the world works the way grown ups think it should? Things can always be different if you just imagine…

We were lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the first episode in the new series of Kazoops and it does not disappoint. In the first episode, Monty is busy dreaming up helpful but rather fanciful ways to get a new piano upstairs. When his family tell him that his ideas are fun but not actually useful, Monty wonders if daydreaming can help solve problems. Do you think it can? I do.

The world of the Kazoops family is fun, fantastical and colourful. There’s never a dull moment with Monty and Jimmy Jones around. Their family, Gran, Mum, Dad and big sister are well matched and excellent foils for imaginative Monty and his piggy friend. There’s lots of fun to be had in this incredibly appealing series.

Packed with bright colours, these well drawn characters make for imaginative talking points for young children. If it’s not dragons flying high in the sky, it’s aliens, lions or medieval knights lighting up Monty’s imagination.

Catch the new series of Kazoops on CBeebies

Each episode asks a question, or throws in a talking point. Why can’t you keep wild animals in the house? Is it really is important to always be the winner? Can still be friends with people if you like different things? Do adults get scared too? These are all excellent starting points for children to start exploring empathy, friendships, or just to discover more about the world around them.

At a little under ten minutes long, each episode of Kazoops is packed with imaginative fun. It completely enthralls my six year old and holds his attention. It really helps to get him talking to me about what he’s seen and what he thinks about it. If you’ve not seen it, give Kazoops watch. Just imagine!

Kazoops is on CBeebies from Monday 17th April 2017 at 4.20pm.


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