Throwing a party? Try these food ideas

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Got the venue sorted? The guest list? The decorations? What about the food? Anyone that’s thrown a party will know that the catering is a huge part of any get-together. But what if sausage rolls and curly sandwiches just won’t cut it? Here you’ll find a few food ideas that’ll make your party one to remember!

Hog roast

A hog roast. The amazing aroma, the incredible sight of your dinner being cooking before your eyes and the fact that it requires very little planning and tidying up, hog roasts are becoming more and more popular at all kinds of events including birthday parties and even weddings! Check out Hog Roast Manchester if you’re looking for a little inspiration.


Why not introduce a little Spanish cuisine into your party? The sight and smell of a huge pan of paella cooking away will drive your guests crazy! Watching the paella cook is almost a show in itself!

blueberry and buttermilk scones

Afternoon Tea

There’s something so classy and delicate about afternoon tea. It’s also surprisingly filling! Serving up a traditional afternoon tea is a sure-fire way to please your guests. From home-made scones to slices of indulgent chocolate cake, a selection of tasty sandwiches and little patisserie marvels, the choices and combinations are huge. Afternoon Tea is also quite cheap and works well with a vintage style theme! Delicate pieces of china and the pretty display of food will brighten every table and will give your get-together a real touch of elegance.


Who doesn’t like pizza? Whether you’ve got veggie or vegan guests coming, or guests who even like pineapple, pizza is loved by everyone. You have a few options here, you could create a “build your own” station, where guests can put together a pizza or their own creation, or you could hire a mobile pizza company, who can cater your event by building your guests their pizzas and then baking them in their wood fired oven!

There’s nothing better or more authentic then watching your pizza dough being rolled from scratch, covered in your favourite toppings and then cooked to absolute perfection. It even adds a touch of entertainment to your event.

Or if you’re looking for something a little more low key and budget friendly – simply order in!


We haven’t forgotten about the sweet stuff. Desserts and sweets are a huge part of any party!

Ice cream

It’s a staple of any party. An ice cream bar would go down a treat with guests of all ages or you could go down a more quirky and traditional route and hire an ice cream van for the day!

Recipe: Popcorn Cupcakes - perfect for movie night!


It seems that cakes and confectionaries are getting bigger and more elaborate! So, why not have a cupcake stand at your party? With endless flavours and toppings to choose from, you could create a whole menu of cupcake flavours!

Sweetie bar

What could be better than a whole bar dedicated to sweets? Whether it’s chocolate or sweets from your childhood, a sweet station is a great way to bring your guests together!

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