Playsuits and Jumpsuits a Surprising Fashion Hit for 2018

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The world of fashion never stands still. There is always something new and interesting going on and 2018 is no exception. The warm weather we have had in the UK has definitely had an impact and mixed things up a bit. It has made skirts, shorts and surprisingly playsuits far more popular than usual. Right now, retailers like Fashion World are selling lots of summer fashions, including jumpsuits made from lightweight materials.

Now, playsuits and jumpsuits are not for everyone. At least that is what a lot of women think until they try the right one on. When they do, it can be an eye-opening moment. They suddenly discover that a jumpsuit or playsuit is something that they can potentially wear for all kinds of occasions. To help you to understand this, let me give you a few examples of how and when they can be worn.

A playsuit for the beach

If you are not planning to actually go into the sea, a playsuit is a far more comfortable option than wearing a swimming costume is. Provided you choose one that is made from lightweight fabric, you will be able to stay lovely and cool. Far cooler than you would if you were wearing a tight-fitting one-piece that is made from man-made fabric, that tends to make people sweat more.

Playsuits can also come in handy even if you are planning to go swimming. They pack up small, so you can easily stow one in your beach bag. Once you are dry you can take it out and slip it on over your costume. That way you can go straight to dinner without having to worry about going home to get changed.

A glamorous jumpsuit for an evening out

There are many different styles of jumpsuit available. Gone are the days when you ended up looking like you had just stepped out of a plane, or worse a workshop when wearing one. The 80s styling is well and truly a thing of the past. Today’s fashion designers are being far more creative when it comes to jumpsuit designs.

For a summer evening out, the right one could be the perfect outfit answer. A wide-legged Culotte style jumpsuit with a halter neck styled top would look very glamorous, especially if it is made out of a shiny fabric. Pair it with a nice pair of strappy sandals and a clutch bag to complete your look. Finding a cut that works for you is not hard to do. Plus, there are some great examples of the stylish and glamorous jumpsuits you can buy featured in this article. Provided you choose a loose-fitting cut you will not be too hot.

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