What Kind of Sneakers Should Your Next Pair Be?

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Sneakers can be among our favorite things when it comes to fashion. Comfortable, fun to wear, and fashionable, sneakers can be anything from the perfect shoes for a dressed down work environment to the shoes you wear to do your favorite sports and activities, or to enjoy laid back days with your family.

Nova Trainers from Hotter Shoes

Sneakers come in a lot of styles, and even if you already own a few pairs, it can sometimes never hurt to add more practical, stylish new ones to your wardrobe. But of the main styles, which type of sneakers should you invest in next?

Performance Sports Shoes

If you are an active person, or would like to be, then having some sports shoes that offer good support for things like running, hiking, or hitting the gym is essential. These may not be the same shoes you wear out shopping, but can have a cool, bold look that makes them fun to wear with your sports gear. Choose a reliable sportswear manufacturer and make sure you match the shoe you buy to the level of intensity you expect from your exercise – don’t try and go for a run in shoes designed for dancing, for example. Performance sports brands do offer some cool designs that you may also want to wear every day, and can look especially good if you are into the athleisure trend.

Designer Sneakers

If you want the comfort and versatility of sneakers but prefer luxury brands for your casual looks, then browse the beautiful range of sneakers by Gucci from SSENSE. Gucci sneakers are just one of the high-end designer labels you can find at SSENSE, so if you are looking to add some luxury and glamor to your dresses down wardrobe, it is definitely the place to go. Look out for the latest sneaker collections by Balenciaga and Givenchy too, for some stunning, on trend styles that’ll look chic for work days or carefree days out! Designer sneakers can be found in both eye-catching, high fashion styles that follow the latest seasonal trends, and more classic, neutral looks that you can get good mileage out of.

Skater Sneakers

If you were a teen in the nineties, you probably already have some affection for sneakers by skater brands like Vans and Converse. These can be just as easy to wear for adults, and can offer a slightly less athletic style than sports brands which can look good for day to day wear, with more low-key colors and shapes, and great textures like suede. Whether you favor a retro look or not, these types of sneakers have never really gone out of style and can be a good addition to your wardrobe, though don’t attempt to actually wear things like Converse All Stars for the gym – they are not designed for running or most kinds of higher impact athletic wear, and so you’ll risk injuries and strain on your joints.

As you can see, there are good reasons why all three of these styles of sneaker might warrant a place in your wardrobe, but if you can only buy one, think about what you want to wear the shoes for. Think about what you’ll be pairing them with, and whether you want a low-key look that goes with everything or some statement sneakers that can give a sporty edge to other things you wear. Have fun shopping for your next sneakers!

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