Steps to a Clean Home When You Own a Pet

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If you have a dog, then it is lovely to have in the home, as they really do become like part of the family. But when you have a dog in the home, it can be a little tougher to keep it clean (and let’s not get started on children and a dog)! But any dog owners will know that the struggle is real when it comes to keep the house clean. You might find doggy footprints on wooden floors or worse, carpet, and hairs all over the sofa and chairs, as well as dog food trailed around from room to room. But the good news is that it is really possible to catch the dirt and mess that can come with having a dog, as well as making sure that the cleaning that you are doing is much more effective. So here are some of the things that you could try.

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Automatic Vacuum

When you have a pet dog, even if it is a dog that doesn’t shed a whole lot, you may find that you are finding hairs all over the house. Plus, there can be debris from time to time. And unless you want to be getting the vacuum out all of the time, each and every day, then it could be a good idea to get something like a robot vacuum. You can even get some that can be timed and put on a schedule, so then it can run when you’re out of the house or even when you’re asleep, waking up to a clean house.

Choose the right fabrics

There are some materials that are going to be better than others for a dog in the house. And if you choose certain fabrics for the home, then it can make cleaning harder. A carpet, for example, is something that can be hard work, as no matter how much you clean, there will always be dog hairs to be found. So if you are looking for something more pet-friendly, then it is a good idea to choose something wooden flooring, laminate, or tile flooring. You could also think about looking for an online guide to choosing pet-friendly sofa fabrics if you are fed up of finding dog hair on your sofa. Some simple changes to the furniture and the fabrics that you use in your home, can make a difference. 

Contain the mess

If you want to make your home easier to clean with a pet in the home, then one thing that you could look to do is to control the mess. That can be done by watching where you leave your dog, and if you let them upstairs or not. If you let them roam, then it can mean more dirt all over the house. If they are only allowed in one or two rooms, then it can control where the mess ends up. This goes for where your dog eats their food too; keep it all in one place and it will contain the mess.

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