The Importance of Car tyre checks

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Car tyres are an integral part of a car as they literally keep it on the road. Despite their importance, tyres are probably the most neglected items in the car. Some motorists only pay attention to their tyres when they cause an accident or when there is a law enforcement incident.

The Importance of Car tyre checks
Consequences of neglecting car tyres

There are serious consequences of neglecting car tyres. For instance, an over-inflated tyre could cause a tyre blowout while an under-inflated tyre can lead to excessive fuel consumption. If the tyres are old or the tread is worn-out, they are risky, not to mention that you could get into trouble with law enforcers. In addition, neglected tyres have a shorter life than well maintained tyres. It is therefore advisable to ensure that your tyres are always in excellent condition. Below are a few things you could do to ensure this:

Check tyre condition regularly

This includes checking the tyre pressure to ensure that it is at the correct levels. Inspect the tyres to identify any foreign objects that could have penetrated them while on the roads. The tyre tread is also checked to ensure that it is within the legal requirements. Tyre balance and alignment should also be checked in the process.

Regular tyre repair and maintenance

If you identify any problems with the tyres, take them for repair and maintenance immediately. During repair and maintenance, foreign objects are removed and any damages are repaired. Over inflation or under inflation is dealt with, and if the tyres are imbalanced, they can be aligned and even rotated.

Proper Tyre fitting

Repair of tyres and tyre fitting should be handled by a specialist. These specialists have the tools to inspect the external and internal condition of tyres and advise you accordingly. They ensure that the tyres meet the required safety standards.

Prompt Tyre replacement

When the tread goes below the legal requirement, when the tyres age, or when they are worn-out, they have to be replaced. Replacement is for your own safety and the safety of other road users. The spare wheel should also be replaced as it is as important as other tyres.

The importance of regular car tyre checks cannot be overstated. Neglected tyres are dangerous and also have a shorter life than well maintained tyres. In addition, they can lead to hefty fines or worse still, loss of points on your licence.

When you take care of your tyres, you contribute greatly to road safety and also save lots of money unknowingly. When dealing with car tyres, it is better to be proactive than reactive for the sake of road safety and your well-being. Fife Autocentre sells tyres in Dundee along with free fitting facility. Book yourself with them online for free or call now to get a free quote.

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