Tired of Having Boring Meat? These Tips Will Help

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We know what it’s like to eat the same type of meal every day. You almost don’t look forward to eating your meals. But, the sad fact is that we would rather eat food we are used to, rather than try anything different, only for fear of failing.

There is scientific evidence behind getting bored with your meals; it is called palate fatigue. When you don’t diversify your meal plans, you get tired and eventually replace them with unhealthy options. But there are ways you can change your meals while still getting the most out of them! So, are you tired of having boring meat? These tips will help!

Tired of Having Boring Meat? These Tips Will Help

What Is Palate Fatigue?

This is when your taste buds tire of repeatedly tasting the same thing. It is also called sensory enervation and taste bud exhaustion.

This is exacerbated by caffeine and alcohol intake. Palate fatigue is often associated with wine tasting, as tasters often find different wines taste the same after some time. This is related to alcohol dehydrating you and affecting your ability to taste and smell.

Palate fatigue can happen from all food types, from solids to liquids. You could exhaust your taste buds from your favourite foods. Imagine loving pizza your whole life and overdosing on it so much that the thought of pizza is not exciting anymore.

How To Fight Palate Fatigue?

There are a lot of ways to fight palate fatigue. Follow the tips below, so you don’t have to eat the same thing every single day,

  • Look up recipes online, watch tutorials, or follow cookbooks to find new and exciting ways to spice up your meals!
  • Try experimenting with different types of herbs and spices. This will make your food taste better, and you can incorporate more vegetables and nutritious herbs into your meals!
  • Don’t make cooking boring. Instead, listen to music, and watch TV shows while cooking to make it an enjoyable experience you look forward to.
  • Try new gadgets, from air fryers to slow cookers to hot dog toasters (yes, those exist!), to make your cooking more fun and efficient.
  • It’s okay to eat out sometimes. You don’t always have to cook your meals. Try meal-prepping subscriptions once in a while, or just get takeout!

Importance of Cooking Your Meat Differently

The last thing you want to be bored of is your protein. Sometimes when we’re cooking, we’re either too busy, hesitant or just not intrigued enough to try something new. When you’re not diversifying your meat preparation, you get tired of it. Eventually, you no longer look forward to eating meat and replace them with unhealthy substitutes.

If you don’t eat enough protein, you’re prone to developing fatty liver and weak joints and are more vulnerable to sickness.

Tips For Cooking Meat Differently

Now that you know how important it is to keep protein in your diet. Here are some tips for cooking it differently than your usual curry or sauté.

  1. Roasting: Roasting is a great way to jazz up your meat! Do it in an air fryer or oven. In just 10-20 minutes, you can have a delicious roast!
  2. Jerky: Make homemade jerky or get high-quality jerky online. Try JerkyBrands.com to have delicious jerky sent to your doorstep!
  3. Pan-Fry: This is the easiest way to cook your meat. It also uses less oil, less heat, and less time. There are loads of recipes for pan-fried meat!
  4. Searing: When you sear the meat, you get this fantastic texture on it that is crunchy and flavourful. Searing works for every type of meat.
  5. Braising: This cooking technique helps lock in the flavour and taste of meat. It takes time to prepare, but the taste, in the end, is worth it.
  6. Grilling: Another easy way to prepare meat, grilling truly locks in and enhances the flavour of the seasoning and blend of spices in the meat.
  7. Go Meatless: Not eating meat once a week can be healthy! Plant-based meals are rich in vitamins, fibre, and other nutrients.


Whether you’re experimenting in the kitchen or trying meal subscription services, it is important to switch up your meals, so you don’t get bored. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. Share this with your friends and family so they can learn different ways to make your meals exciting!


1.  Are Meatless Meals Healthier?

Ans: If you get tired of eating meat every day, you can go meatless for a day. While the debate is up for a meatless meal being healthier than one with it, it does make sense to opt for a plant-based diet at least once a week. When you switch to eating plant-based meals, even once a week, you detox your system of the saturated and unsaturated fats in meats. If you’re willing to take it up a notch and go meatless for a week once a month, you can potentially eliminate the risks of certain cancers. So, give it a shot!

2.  How Can You Grill Meat At Home?

Ans: While grilling may appear a simple concept, it can be a little more complicated than you think. Follow these tips to make sure you grill your meat to perfection,

  • Season: While this may be a no-brainer, seasoning the meat properly before grilling can make a huge difference in flavour.
  • Let It Grill: You may be tempted to lift and turn over the steak on the grill to see if it’s done, but it’s best if you don’t. Instead, let all the seasoning and spices cook through on the grill.
  • Rest The Meat: After the meat is cooked, let it rest for 5-10 minutes before serving and cutting into it.

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