What makes the ultimate spa day?

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I am a great believer in spa days and taking time out to pamper yourself. I’m a busy mum and taking time out occasionally to completely unwind and relax is a massive treat, and one I am prepared to scrimp and save for.

I’m happy to have a bit of regular home pampering to tide me over until I go on my annual spa weekend. I love a hot bath, a face-pack, a little home pedicure and maybe a hot oil treatment for my hair. They’re a nice little pampering pick me up after a busy week, or before a big night out.

Each year I go away with a couple of close friends for a spa weekend in Yorkshire. It is nothing short of blissful relaxation. When I think of my idea of an ultimate spa day, I think of my last visit there.  A few hours exploring the sauna and steam rooms, sitting in the outdoor hot tub chatting with my friends long into the cold November night; having a luxury pedicure and falling asleep in the relaxation room and waking up to find my amused friends peering over me and chuckling to themselves.

We’ve booked another spa weekend away in July and I can’t wait. Now I know the spa and what to expect I know exactly how I will spend my day. It will begin virtuously with me swimming 20 lengths of the pool. Then I will move on to experience the sauna and steam rooms for a while. I’ll meet my friends for lunch, then off to the relaxation room for a nap. The afternoon will be spent having a facial, another nap and then an hour or so in the hot tub. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it?

These days I’m not averse to a more intensive treatment, something that will make a big difference to my appearance. I’m a big fan of non-surgical face lifts. Check this out, I love how much a difference there is in the before and after photos!

www.ellisons.co.uk, the wholesale hair and beauty specialists have created an eBook about the Ultimate Spa Experience which you can download here.

What’s your idea of the ultimate spa day?

What makes the Ultimate Spa Day?

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