What are the Divorce Rates in Manchester 2022?

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Are you getting divorced in Manchester? You’re not alone, read this article for more information regarding divorce rates in Manchester…

As the second biggest city in the UK, Manchester has a population of 2,747,000, with a number of these people happily married and a number seeking divorce. In fact, it is believed that over 42% of all married couples will get divorced at some point.

There are many factors that may have affected divorce rates in Manchester in 2022, that have left many seeking the help of a family law solicitor in Manchester. One factor could include the recent introduction of the no-fault divorce law, which has made the divorce process a lot easier for couples looking for an amicable divorce.

But are their other factors that should be considered? Let’s delve in…

Divorce Rates Across the UK

In order to understand how Manchester’s divorce rates, compared to the rest of the UK, we must first discuss the UK numbers.

In 2022 Wales has the largest percentage of divorcees with 18% of people confirming that they were divorced. The area with the second highest divorce rate in the UK is the Northwest with 16% of people saying that they have been divorced.

When looking at cities we can see that places like Leeds have significantly fewer divorces with only 6% of people claiming to have had a divorce. With places like Plymouth only having a 7% divorce rate.

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The Divorce Rate in Manchester

Manchester has one of the largest divorce rates in the UK with 18% of people confirming that they have been divorced in Manchester, that’s one in 5 of the survey respondents.

This may be because of several factors including the age range in the area, the number of available homes for married couples, the new no-fault divorce laws, and much more.

To begin with, Manchester has a fairly young population. It is known as one of the youngest cities in the UK with an average population age of 36.4 years.

This is surprising as the average age of those getting a divorce is around 45+. Suggesting that these divorce rates are predominantly coming from the areas around Manchester, and not the heart of the city.

On the other hand, Manchester is a desirable area for young couples and has a large number of property available both in the city and around it. This gives married couples lots of incentive to move into the city, which can result in an increase in divorce rates in this area.

Have Divorce Rates in Manchester Increased or Decreased?

Despite the high divorce rates in Manchester, there has been an overall decrease in the number of divorces. This is believed to be because many people are choosing not to get married.

This comes from the gradual reduction of marriages that has been seen across the UK. This could be partly due to people choosing to focus on their careers as well as a reduction of religious views pushing people to be wed.

Because of this, the average divorce rate in Manchester has seen a slight decrease compared to previous years, however, it still remains one of the highest in the UK.

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How Have Changes to the Law Affected Divorce Rates in Manchester?

Recent changes to divorce law may have had an impact on the high divorce rates in Manchester.

Previously, to get a divorce, applicants needed to provide one of five reasons. This includes adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion, two years of separation with consent, and five years of separation without consent.

The no-fault divorce laws however have changed this. Now the only reason that needs to be given is a statement of irretrievable breakdown. In addition, a divorce can no longer be contested.

All of this means that people who previously were reluctant to get a divorce for fear of it being contested or lengthily legal battles are now able to do so more freely.

This may have added to the number of divorces seen across Manchester this year.

Divorce in Manchester

This article has discussed a number of reasons why Manchester may have an 18% divorce rate when other cities like Leeds only have 6%.

In part, this may be because of Manchester’s dense population, size and opportunities drawing couples into the city, where many unfortunately get divorced.

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