What’s in our Christmas Stocking?

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Father Christmas is a terribly busy chap, so we like to help him out by easing the burden of lugging a Christmas stocking about. We like to buy on a budget, but NOT tat, or minimal tat at least. So here’s what’s in the small boy’s stocking this year (shhh, don’t tell him).

Three diecast emergency vehicles from B&M £1 each = £3
Magic, touchable bubbles = £1.50
Mickey & Goofy Pez dispensers £1.50 each = £3
Center Parcs Squirrel = £8
Thomas & Friends Porter engine = £6.99
Glow Sticks 3 for = £2
Mister Maker door hanger kit = £1.99
Mister Maker mini bugs kit = £1.99
Bigjigs carriage = £2.25
Smarties Penguin = 75p
Packet of pirate pencils = £2
Chocolate coins = £1
Satsuma = free from the fruit bowl

Meaning we’ve spent a grand total of £34.97 which when you look at it like that is either a lot of money spent on a bag of little presents, or a tremendous bargain considering all that is in there. I’m going to go for the latter. I think we’ve got a fairly good spread of stocking fillers there, with things that he will play with immediately, a few sweet treats and some craft items we can make together over the Christmas break.

Christmas stocking

What’s in your Christmas stocking this year?

2 thoughts on “What’s in our Christmas Stocking?

  1. I can’t remember exactly but it included very similar things albeit for slightly older boys plus a DVD each to keep said boys quiet on Christmas morning so we could get a bit more of a lie-in! Total cost about the same and there was a satsuma too!

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