Father’s Day Craft: Make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake

Lately we’ve been playing about with clay and really enjoying it. We’ve been using air dry clay, which is easy to use and you don’t need to bake it in the oven or anything like that. This makes it ideal for kid’s crafts. We thought we’d make a little something for Father’s Day. It was the boy’s idea, so the credit goes to him. He made this lovely Clay Thumbprint Keepsake for Father’s Day. Isn’t it sweet?

Crafts: Make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake for Father's Day

Make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake

You will need:
A packet of air dry clay
A rolling pin
Some cookie cookers
A wooden toothpick
Some coloured paint, we used gold
A fine paintbrush
A length of ribbon

How to make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake :
Take a piece of clay and work it in your hands for a few minutes until it is pliable. Roll it out on a surface you don’t mind getting clay on, we used a plastic chopping board that could be put in the dishwasher afterwards. The pieces need to be about half a centimetre thick.

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Taking your cookie cutters, cut out a few shapes. You might want to make a few of these in one go to give as little gifts to other family members. Once he was happy with the shape, he pressed his thumb into the middle to make the thumbprint. He chose to write his name on it with a toothpick too.

Once he was happy with it, I took the toothpick and made a good sized hole near the top so that when it’s dry you can thread the ribbon through.

Crafts: Make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake for Father's Day

We left them to dry for 24 hours, though longer might be needed, depending on your clay. Once the pieces were dry, we painted the thumbprint keepsake with some gold paint and left that to dry. Then I carefully threaded some ribbon through, made a knot and now it’s ready to hang up.

It’s a very sweet little gift my son can give to his Dad this Father’s Day.

Crafts: Make a Clay Thumbprint Keepsake

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