How to paint a Halloween t-shirt with Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

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This week is half term and we are filling the week with trips to the park and some crafts and activities at home. One thing we’ve been doing is decorating some t-shirts for a party we are going to next week. We got our hands on a packet of Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks and we’ve been letting our creativity run wild ever since.

On Halloween this year we are going to a not Halloween party. There will be party games and some spooky stuff, but it’s NOT a Halloween party. Dressing up is encouraged, but the usual zombie/witch/Dracula type costumes are quietly discouraged. It’ll be more fun than it sounds, with apple bobbing, party games and treasure hunts. We will be wearing our decorated t-shirts, and we think they’re pretty cool.

Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

Painting Your Own T-shirts

You will need:

A plain white t-shirt
Large chopping board
Plastic bag
A stencil (an image printed on card and cut out with a craft knife)
Masking tape
Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

How to paint your own t-shirts:

First make your stencil. I looked on Google for a simple spooky image and chose a cartoon of a ghost against a black background. I found this one on Free Stencil Gallery. Print it out on a piece of card and using a craft knife, cut out all the black bits around the ghost.

Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

I then took my large chopping board and covered it in a plastic bag (so any paint wouldn’t go through). Then I pulled the t-shirt over the chopping board and tucked the excess fabric around the back and laid it on the table. Make sure the fabric is flat and not rippled or baggy.

Using a few pieces of masking tape, tape the stencil onto the front of the t-shirt. This is to keep it in place while you paint.

Take the Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks and read the instructions. The Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks are a bit like crayons, so there’s no dripping, spilling or mess. Take each paint stick and colour in the area you want to paint. We decided to have a rainbow background for our ghost, so we coloured in little patches in the stencil.

Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

Once you’re happy with how it looks, iron or blow-dry the paint on, following the instructions in the packet, it will withstand washing up to 40’C. Your t-shirt is now ready to wear and be admired.

The Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks are really easy to use, there’s no mess and they are great for kids to use too. Each Fabric Stick has vibrant, colourful paint that you literally twist up and down, exactly like a glue stick to paint with!

Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks

Little Brian Paint Sticks are available from Hobbycraft, Tesco and directly from their website

Disclaimer: We were sent a pack of Little Brian Fabric Paint Sticks for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

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