Free Printable: Make your own Happy New Year Bunting

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The period between Christmas and New Year can seem a bit flat. The kids can start climbing the walls and no amount of winter walks can fill the time. It’s a good time to plan some crafts. I have some New Year printables which I can pull out of the bag, or off the printer, but this printable Happy New Year bunting is 12 pages of fun colouring and crafting, which you can then use to decorate for New Year.

Free Printable: Make your own Happy New Year Bunting

Download the Happy New Year Bunting here!

New Year is usually a time for parties. We often get together with friends and their families over the New Year period, the kids love to sit and colour for hours. This Happy New Year bunting printable would be a fun way to occupy the family at New Year.

Just download them and print them out onto A4 paper. Colour them in however you like, you may have themed colours for your party, or you could let the kids go wild. You could add glitter, or stickers, or cover them in feathers, the only limit is your imagination!

Once they’re decorated how you’d like, cut them out carefully and fold over the flap at the top. Get a length of ribbon or string and using tape, thread the ribbon over the back and stick the flap down so it’s held in place on the ribbon.

Do the same with each one until you’ve spelled out H-A-P-P-Y-N-E-W-Y-E-A-R and then hang up your colourful bunting wherever you think best. But whatever you do, or wherever you hang your bunting, I hope you have a very Happy New Year!

Download the Happy New Year Bunting here!

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