Flower Crafts: Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

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Giving a bouquet of flowers to someone special is a really lovely thing to do, but they often fade within a few days which is a shame. A few years ago I made a huge bunch of tissue paper flowers for myself and they are still sat on my desk looking cheery. They’re so simple to make and a few of them in a little vase would make a lovely gift for Mother’s Day, Easter or a birthday.

Once you get the hang of them, they’re remarkably simple to make. You can put a flower together in a few minutes. You can mix different shades of tissue paper together to make a multi-coloured bloom, or stick to one colour if you prefer. The great thing about tissue paper flowers is they never need watering and they never die.

Flower Crafts: Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

How to make Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

You will need:

1 sheet of coloured tissue paper
A green pipe cleaner

How to make Simple Tissue Paper Flowers:

Take your sheet of tissue paper and cut it into quarters. Make a pile of the quarters, fold them in half so it looks like a rectangle and cut along the fold. You should now have eight rectangles of tissue paper.

Flower Crafts: Simple Tissue Paper Flowers

Make them into a neat pile and fold them along the short edge in a concertina. The folds need to be about 1cm. Once you’ve folded the concertina along the full length of the rectangle; take the pipe cleaner and wrap it around the centre of the concertina.

Once the centre of the concertina is secured, fan out the tissue paper folds and start to pull them to the centre of the flower in individual layers. Take your time over this, make sure you separate every individual layer. Once you’ve done this, ruffle the flower up and put it in a vase. Make a few more flowers in this way until you’ve made as many as you need.

Tip: Use a minimum of six layers of tissue paper for each flower. I like to use eight as it gives a really full bloom.

If you don’t want to use a pipe cleaner, you could bind the centre of the concertina with some thread instead.

Who will you give your tissue paper flowers to?

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Flower Crafts: Simple Tissue Paper Flowers


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  1. I love these flowers. I just made a pink one. Your directions are so easy to follow. Thank you so very much. I can’t wait to make more.

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