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I’m not a massive one for accessories, I don’t wear much jewellery and my handbag is a rucksack. My tastes have always been on the practical side of things rather than high fashion, more so since I became a mum. One thing I always carry with me and wear even in the depths of winter are sunglasses.

I have it in my head that wearing sunglasses will stop me squinting into the sunlight, and as a result they are my first defence against wrinkles and crows feet. So far, so good. I’ve found sunglasses were also good for hiding the fact I’ve not slept properly since 2010. I don’t mind spending a bit of money on a decent pair of sunglasses, given I’ll wear them most days, it’s an expense I can easily justify.

It was time for an upgrade so I had a look at the My Glasses Guru website. My eye was instantly drawn to the O’Neill Runa sunglasses in tortoiseshell and mint – my kind of colours. They have an extra large plastic frame and are unisex sunglasses. They were £45 which was a good price for O’Neill sunglasses and they had a really good range of other makes to choose from.

My Glasses Guru

The sunglasses arrived within a few days and came in a padded glasses case, wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a sturdy box. I decided to take a few selfies and them take my self out for a walk to test them out properly.

My Glasses Guru

The glasses are very comfortable to wear, seem lightweight but robust, and left no marks across my nose or by my ears like some glasses do. I love the mint colour and the tortoiseshell is subtle but stylish. The glasses are big, which suits me and my anti-crows feet mission but I love them. A male friend of mine tried them on and they really suited him too, so I think this is a style most people could carry off easily.

The sunglasses are smoked glass and have a UV400 lens which offers a high level of protection for your eye. I really like the padded case which is great for throwing in my bag when I’m out and about. There’s nothing I don’t like about them. They’re really comfortable to wear and I can see me wearing these most sunny days.

Note: I was sent these sunglasses free of charge for review purposes from My Glasses Guru. All images and opinions are my own.

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