Manchester Metrolink Emoji Quiz

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My son is currently very into public transport, so one of the things we’ve been doing this summer is texting each other emojis to get the other one of us to guess the tram stop. I admit, it’s not a game that everyone will enjoy, but it’s one we have had a lot of fun with! We enjoyed it so much, I made a note of some of our favourite ones and I’ve made this Manchester Metrolink Emoji Quiz.

The image below has 26 Metrolink tram stops in emojis, how many can you guess correctly? For the answers, just scroll further down.

Manchester Metrolink Emoji Quiz

My son really likes the Metrolink and has made a video of him exploring some of the Metrolink network, which you can find here.

According to the Transport for Greater Manchester website, the Metrolink is the UK’s largest light rail network, with 99 stops across seven lines. Approximately 7.2 million miles are ‘clocked up’ across the network each year by their fleet of 120 trams, which currently cater for more than 41m journeys. The network opened in 1992, with just 20 tram stops between Altrincham and Bury, and since then it has grown, and continues to grow. Future lines include a possibly extension from East Didsbury through to Stockport, and tram-trains to Bolton and Wigan. The Trafford Centre line is the latest addition which opened in 2020.

Here are the answers…

  1. Dane Road
  2. Sale Water Park
  3. Exchange Square
  4. Cornbrook
  5. Anchorage
  6. Ladywell
  7. Bury
  8. Harbour City
  9. Westwood
  10. Holt Town
  11. St Peter’s Square
  12. Sale
  13. Newhey
  14. Exchange Quay
  15. Weaste
  16. Roundthorn
  17. Market Street
  18. Heaton Park
  19. Whitefield
  20. Prestwich
  21. Firswood
  22. Victoria
  23. Cemetery Road
  24. Queens Road
  25. Parkway
  26. Navigation Road

How did you get on? Some are tougher than others. This is a fun game to play with the public transport fan in your life, I know we have occupied ourselves for hours this summer with it. Let me know how you go on in the comments!

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