To all the year 6 parents, thank you…

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To the people who have passed the time of day with me at the school gate,

From Nursery to Year 6, we’ve stood together in all weathers, exchanged a few words of small talk before dashing off home again with our children tucked under our arms. We’ve nodded hello, checked each other knew about the non uniform day next week, or odd socks day, or the bake sale, or whatever. You’ve supported me, and many others through dark days and dark times, and the last few years have seen a fair few of those.

Some of you have become my great friends, others my best friends, and even a couple of you became my very late in the day godmothers. I will miss you all.

I know I’m not going anywhere, and I know you’re not either, but as much as I’ve grumbled about doing the school run all these years, I will miss those speed dating style bursts of friendship and fellowship. Those five minutes at 3pm were for many years the highlight of my day. I got to see you, and minutes later, I got to see my boy too.

I know not everyone has liked me, I’m a socially awkward introvert and some people took that as me being stuck up, but those who took the time to get to know me knew better. Thanks for giving me a chance.

Thank you for your friendship, for making me laugh, for supporting me through the tears and some of the harder things life has thrown my way these past few years. I genuinely could not have survived the covid lockdowns without the messages and endless walks around the park with some of you.

At my infrequent attendances at Thursday coffee mornings, I was always greeted as a regular and my absences forgiven. You are true friends.

Being a parent can be hard, and each of you have made the primary school years a little brighter, lighter and easier all round. Thank you xx

PS. You know where I am if you fancy a brew.

Year 6

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