My Sunday Photo 8/2/15

Imperial War Museum



22 responses to “My Sunday Photo 8/2/15

  1. Ohh I find tanks fascinating, my dad was a tank radio operator!

  2. Hope you had an interesting visit 🙂

  3. Great photo – was the tank outside a museum?

  4. That’s amazing.

  5. Wow what a picture – where were you? x

  6. My boys can’t resist having a poke around a tank like that.

  7. very interesting. i love a good tank:)

  8. Is this the new family hatchback per cahnce??

  9. That’s an interesting photo! Imperial War Museum?

  10. A thing of beauty! #mysundayphoto

  11. twinderelmo2014

    Awesome looking tank. My boy would love it x

  12. That looks amazing, my kids would love to see that!

  13. Wow I don’t think I’ve ever seen one live!

  14. Wow thats a huge tank! Be fun to have a ride in it lol

  15. Oh, I hope fun and exploration galore have been had!xx

  16. Cool photo! Would love to drive one of those.

  17. darrencoleshill308390132

    Brilliant, I love love to drive one of these or even just sit in one

    Thank you for linking up

  18. Wow! That’s so cool….I would love a ride in one x

  19. My son would love that place, looks like a great day out!

  20. teentweentoddler1

    Great photo! Harry would love this! X

  21. Now, that was a surprise to see a Tank in the middle of your photo!!
    I love it, so very unique

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