My Sunday Photo 3.1.16

The boys and I have had a lovely week “off” from work, spending lots of time together doing activity books, building Lego and going on little adventures. On Tuesday we hopped into the car and headed to Crosby Beach in Liverpool. A beach famous for its Antony Gormley statues – a beautifully eerie collection of 100 identical figures scattered across a two mile stretch of beach. The installation is called “Another Place” and it’s well worth a visit if you get the chance. I’m putting the finishing touches to a blog post about our visit, so do keep your eyes peeled for that.

In the meantime here’s one of my favourite pictures from our visit. Deep December blue skies, gently rolling surf, what’s not to love?

My Sunday Photo 3.1.16

16 responses to “My Sunday Photo 3.1.16

  1. Those statues are eerie. The clear blue skies almost make the sea look warm and welcoming!

  2. What an amazing statue and lovely to see the blue sky, we’ve been missing it in Cornwall

  3. What gorgeous weather for your trip to the beach and it sounds like you had a lovely week too. I can imagine that seeing all those statues across the beach is quite something! Lovely photo 🙂

  4. Victoria Welton

    I have to admit that the statues would probably creep me out – but this really is a great image #mysundayphoto

  5. Oh I know these statues so well. I think they’re an amazing sight.
    You might have even been able to say your photo was taken during the summer months by the look of that blue sky!

  6. I thought this was a photo of a statue at first – then I read. You are so brave to be dipping into the cold sea! I wish I had as much courage as you! That big flat long wave is very welcoming indeed. #MySundayPhoto

  7. Oh I can’t wait to see the post! I think it is a little creepy looking but that’s why I like it, I don’t know about anyone else though, hah. It’s always great to have time off and just be together.

  8. I’ve been meaning to go up and see those statues for ages – must get around to doing it some time soon! Gorgeous photo, just look at that sky 🙂 Happy New Year!

  9. What a fantastic photo. I remember reading about the Antony Gormley statues, but I’ve never seen them.
    Happy new year!

  10. I’d love to see these and you have captured this statue perfectly against that gorgeous sky.

  11. It looks like a Summer’s Day. Those statues look interesting, I’d never heard of them

    Happy New Year

    Thank you for linking up

  12. Great photo, looks like a summer’s day with that lovely blue sky!

  13. I didn’t realise that was a statue, I had to go back and look again! The break has been SO lovely hasn’t it? I really don’t want Z to go back to school!

  14. Those statues are slightly eerie. Great shot though.

  15. Such a beautiful sky! It almost looks like a summers day x

  16. We visited a few years ago. It’s quite a sad feeling especially when the tide comes in and washes over them but I love Anthony Gormley. I really must go and see The Angel of the North. #MySundayPhoto

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