Baking in style with Babahoot Personalised Aprons

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We were sent this Babahoot Personalised Apron for review purposes. All images and opinions are our own.

Over the last few months we’ve managed to shed some of my son’s after school activities and we now get to spend three after school afternoons together each week. For me these are precious hours together. Sometimes we do some homework or reading and sometimes we grab a bag of popcorn and watch a film together. On at least one of these three afternoons a week, we put on our aprons and bake together.

I love baking anyway, but baking with him is a lot of fun too. It’s lovely to be able to work with him, teaching him some baking basics and pulling delicious cakes and treats out of the oven. He’s really starting to get the hang of it lately and we’ve made some brilliant cakes.

Baking in style with Babahoot Personalised Aprons

Being 8, he is instinctively quite messy in his baking habits. He’s always missing the bowl when he’s tipping the flour in; or pulling the electric hand mixer out while it’s still going – and splattering cake batter all over himself and the kitchen. He lives to lick the spoon and scrape the bowl, but then, so do I.

Last week we were sent an absolutely gorgeous handmade personalised apron from Babahoot. Babahoot make personalised aprons and chef hats, pencil cases, toy storage trugs and knitting bags in their workshop in rural Herefordshire. Every item is made to a unique Babahoot design and finished with bright individual appliqués. They can be personalised with names and they are constructed with strong overlocked seams and good quality, brightly coloured fabrics.

Baking in style with Babahoot Personalised Aprons

Ben was sent this beautiful design, covered in cars, with a handy pocket and a comfortable elasticated neck strap. He put it on and immediately said it was awesome, which is praise indeed. This design, which was specially made for his 8 year old body, using a fabric he would love and personalised with his name cost £18, which is good value for such a high quality, bespoke item.

Children’s aprons are always a godsend; whether you’re baking or crafting, or doing any number of messy things, an apron is a huge step towards keeping him clean and tidy. This apron is so colourful and appealing, he wants to wear it, which is half the battle towards cleanliness!

Baking in style with Babahoot Personalised Aprons

If you’re looking for a lovely homemade, personalised gift for a child, you can find the Babahoot aprons and more on ETSY.

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