Review: Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs for Cool Kids

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The toddler is 3 years old. When he was teething he was prone to drooling so he lived in his normal bibs, though cute, they were not particularly stylish. He’s got most of his teeth now, but recently his back teeth have started to come through and the dribbling has started again.

This time we decided to go down a more stylish route, he has stopped wearing normal bibs now, even at mealtimes. So when I saw the beautiful bibs from Funky Giraffe I knew they’d fit very nicely with his laid back, cool-dude style.

We chose four of the XL bandana bibs, two plain, two stripy. They are made from soft cotton fabric with a fleece backing which keeps baby’s chest dry. The bibs are shaped to fit comfortably round the neck and are fastened by poppers. The XL bibs are the perfect size for drooling toddlers and have two poppers so you can adjust the size of the bib when your little one grows.


I loved the bandana bibs; I thought they were so funky, soft, durable and practical. He liked them too and they kept his clothes dry and dribble free, plus he was a bit tidier at mealtimes. Being cotton they wash really well, which is exactly what you want. He loved wearing them and pretending he was a cowboy like Woody from Toy Story.

At just £3 for an XL bandana I think these are excellent value (smaller baby ones start at £1.98) and they’re stylish and comfortable too. I can’t actually find fault in the product, other than I’d quite like a couple, not that I drool (much), just that they’re cool!

Disclaimer: We were sent four Funky Giraffe bibs for review purposes, this is our honest review.

2 thoughts on “Review: Funky Giraffe Bandana Bibs for Cool Kids

  1. definitely going to get some of theses for family and friends offspring ! they look fab, would have had them when my daughter was little… we used to have that sort of shape from the muslin sqaures we used (doubled into triangle(usuallylilac or white ones ) and i think they were great for babies.. but always got soggy and not as handy as these

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