Buying birthday gifts for 5 year old girls

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Since the small boy started the school nursery in September he’s made a whole load of new friends (26 of them to be precise) which is great obviously, but it does mean that most weekends my little social butterfly is invited to two or three birthday parties, which can mean only one thing. I need to buy lots of gifts for 5 year old girls and boys.

Birthday parties are an expensive business. When we first started attending we’d merrily spend £10-£15 on each party gift, but as the year has progressed the birthday budget has shrunk somewhat. Obviously special friends and relatives do get a bigger share, but these days my budget is around £5-£10 mark depending on what I’m buying.

Because I am the mother of a boy, I find buying presents for boys pretty easy, I look at what he’s playing with and then buy something similar for his friends. Girls on the other hand are a little more tricky to buy for. They seem a little bit more particular than boys, and there’s a whole raft of Princess politics I do not understand, it doesn’t help that I am still unable to grasp which is Anna and which is Elsa. Leave me be, I am a lost cause!

Happily I’ve found a really useful website designed especially for busy people who need a bit of guidance for when they’re present buying –  Giddy Goat Toys. Searching for what you need is really easy and there are so many toys, games, books, puzzles and crafting activities to choose for 5 year old girls

What I especially like is that not all of the toys are pink, fluffy and covered in glitter. There are some gorgeous toys, games and puzzles which would make lovely birthday party gifts for 5 year old girls. There’s plenty to choose from, even in my reduced budget. They also offer gift wrapping and delivery is just £2.50 anywhere in the UK.

Giddy Goat Toys are definitely worth checking out, especially if like me you’ve turned buying birthday gifts for 5 year old girls and boys into a strange kind of hobby. Life’s too short to spend too much time on the hunt for presents for other people, Giddy Goat Toys helps take the stress away from it all. Anything that makes life easier is always a winner.

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