My Sunday Photo 10.1.16

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Family. There’s not much more important to me than that. The small boy is now old enough and interested enough to have recently started asking questions about where he’s come from and who he is. These pictures are the best reminders I have of the two awesome matriarchs I am descended from and the brave soldier and kind heart who was the Grandfather I never knew. 

I have a shelf full of these pictures, posed studio photographs from the 1940’s, snapshots from the 1980’s and printed off digital photographs from a week ago. A shelf of memories, a reminder that my family are made of stern stuff and when pushed, that I am too. 

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.

My Sunday Photo 10.1.16


18 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 10.1.16

  1. What lovely family photos and how wonderful to be able to share the memories of your grandparents with your son 🙂

  2. Old photos are so precious, aren’t they? Not just for the memories but also because they come from a time when photos like this were still quite rare. Not like nowadays when we take hundreds of photos at a time without thinking twice about it.

  3. Couldn’t agree more – family is so important and it’s lovely you can share your family photos & memories with your son

  4. Gorgeous photos! We don’t have any photos of my grandparents from back in the day – or even my parents. All of our photos are from recent years.

  5. So nice to have family photos up. We don’t have any up in our house apart from photos of N and then a couple of the OH and I at a ball and on our wedding day. But I’ve some lovely old ones of my nan and mum, so should frame and put those up too. Might encourage the OH to have a family photo with N and me.

  6. I love looking at older pictures. I like it especially when I get to see family members that I don’t remember because they passed when I was too young to remember.

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