My Sunday Photo 24.4.16

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This week Manchester has treated us to so much sunshine and warmth it’s been hard to believe that it’s still only April. Annoyingly I’ve been hunched over a hot laptop for most of the week and I’ve only really spied the warm sun from inside. On Wednesday it was beautifully bright and sunny and I really needed to get out, so I took myself off for a walk down by the river, clocking up a couple of Fitbit miles at the same time.

The trees are in full blossom, and looking up at the deep blue sky I snapped this with my Nokia Lumia phone. The soft pink blossom against the blue sky, the blur of the sun and a vapour trail from a passing plane. I love this photo and it hints hopefully of a fine summer to come. Fingers crossed!


14 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo 24.4.16

  1. Gorgeous photo! I took one very similar myself the other day. I think Manchester must have nicked our warmth as we’ve only had a couple of days this week.

  2. Lovely capture, it’s great seeing so much blossom on trees at the moment… Spring has arrived! WOOP!!! #mysundayphoto

  3. Lovely pic, very springlike! 🙂 I just love seeing all of the blossoms come out at this time of year.

  4. Thats a real lovely photo! Something that warms me up today cuz its just so cold! #mysundayphoto

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